xxxi. soulmate

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"Good morning," Harry smiled as he came out of the bedroom and towards Indie who was hovering over the coffee maker, her morning not made until she got her daily doze. Indie smiled as he came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her from behind as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Morning baby," she told him as she moved one hand to his on her waist and used the other to brew the coffee. "How'd you sleep?" She asked and leaned her head back slightly, resting it on his shoulder.

"Great. I always sleep good when you're here," he hummed and kissed her collar. "And you, love?"

"Not bad," she laughed and turned around in his grasp. "I like being here with you."

"Good, I like having you here."

Harry leaned forward and brought his hand to her cheek, kissing her softly and humming quietly when she leaned further into him. Indie melted into the spaces that brought them together but they were interrupted by the groaning of a certain sister.

"Tell me it's not going to be like this every morning," Gwen frowned as she came out of her room and down to the kitchen. "I'm all for her being here but if I have to wake up to you swapping-."

"You'll appreciate the fact that you get to be here rent free," Harry stuck his tongue out at him.

"Yeah, yeah," Gwen rolled her eyes at him. "I'm going to shower. Try not to tear each other's clothes off while I'm gone."

Harry opened his mouth to shoot back a snarky remark when Indie beat him to the chase.

"No promises," she teasingly grinned before kissing Harry again.

"I'm impressed," he mumbled quietly.

"Good," she grinned when the coffee dinged, letting her know that it was fresh and ready to drink. A squeal of happiness left her lips and spun back around, opening the cabinet door and reaching for big coffee mug. "Did you want some?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure," he nodded and reached behind her for another cup, setting it next to hers. She filled both up before grabbing one and offering it to Harry as they heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," she hummed and walked over to the door, taking a sip of the black coffee. She pulled open the door and found River standing behind it. "Hey, come in," she stepped to the side. "Gwen just got in the shower."

"Indie," River hummed as he stepped in. "Surprised to see you here."

"Why?" She asked. "I took some of your advice. Harry and I are officially exclusive."

"Nicely done, Ind," he smiled and gave her a side hug before taking the coffee cup from her, taking a quick sip. "By the way, what'd you mean by some?"

"Well, things went well with Harry," she said and then gritted her teeth. "Can't say the same about Tina which is why I'm moving in here. I can't handle being in that dorm anymore."

"So, you guys went from being causal to being official and living together in one night?" He asked. "And I thought I worked fast. Are you sure you're all going to be alright with that?"

"Why wouldn't we be?" Harry asked and crossed his arm over Indie's chest as he took a sip of his drink. "This one is a nice surprise to wake up to."

"I know," River chuckled, having spent many mornings waking up to Indie next to him. "How long has she been in there?" He asked.

"Only a few minutes," Indie answered.

"Why are you here anyways?" Harry questioned and wandered back behind the counter to start breakfast.

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