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Hello my lovelies!

This has been weighing on my mind for the last week(probably longer actually), so I'm reaching out to you for some help/input. I've been contemplating changing the name of this story. While I like 'Labeled', I feel like it's not a great fit for it anymore. First, I am horrible when it comes to titles, and I didn't give it much thought when I first started posting.

My idea was that, she's known to be off limits to everyone and anyone because of her brothers and labeled undate-able as I state in the blurb, but I plan to change the blurb.

When you think of the word Labeled, what do you think? You think of someone who is put into a classification or judged. I think there's more to this story than that, and that's why I feel like it needs a new name. Of course, if you feel like Labeled is fitting, by all means, tell me!

I have come up with a few and I would appreciate your input..which do you like the best especially for those who have read this far. Feel free to put in your own ideas if you have any, I will give you credit where it's due :)

*EDIT: I have removed a few since they seemed not to be of any favorites.

1. A Thousand Miles

2. Chasing Veronica

3. Red Light

4. Off Limits

5. Labeled (Keep the name)

Thank you in advance!

*My favorites are A Thousand Miles and Chasing Veronica, I even checked on Wattpad, and there are no other book titles with those names. Off Limits, being my least favorite.*



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