09 / Discovery of the Hazelnut Coffee Lover

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09 / Discovery of the Hazelnut Coffee Lover

Never in my life had I felt like this before. 

My eyes rapidly open, trying to figure out where in the world I was. There were bright white lights that lingered, causing me to cringe. Putting everything together, it was no surprise that I was in a hospital bed.

"Maisie, you're alive!"

Was that Mason I heard? 

Shifting my head towards the sound, I found Mason a foot away on my left. His eyes glistened with concern.

I managed to laugh out, "Of course I'm alive. What happened?"

"Shit, you have amnesia! I'm going to call the doctor right now!"

There were many things that Mason didn't understand. 

Shaking my head, I explained thoroughly, "Mason, no. I remember what jackass Jason did to me. What I'm asking is, do you know what happened after I passed out?"

A look of relief spread across my brother's face. He soon nodded his head, looking angry.

"You scared the hell out of me. I'm going to rip jackass Jason's spinal cord out! Man, I gotta give it to Bryce. If it were me though, Jason wouldn't have made it out alive," not even letting me speak, Mason continued to rant out, "you didn't even tell me that Bryce was the delivery boy? And that he's a Valentino? Then again, it's so typical of you to keep secrets from me. Don't worry. Since I found out, I already told Bryce how you had the hots for him."

Could I just strangle Mason right now? 

Reaching out to punch him, I soon found silverware on my upper arm. I wasn't a robot. Where did this come from? Turned out, that was how much damage was done. Stitches, about ten or fifteen. Disgusted at the sight, I quickly dropped what Mason said and stared at my injury.

"I'm going to kill Jason."

Mason spoke up, "Not if I do first! Jackass Jason is long gone from the university, and I think the Valentino's got some restraining order on him..."

Blinking, I requested, "Tell me everything, Mason."

Tapping his chin, Mason replied, "Okay. So Bryce could have been in huge trouble since he punched Jason first, but Mom and Pops were complaining to the dean about what Jason did to you. Also, you know the Valentino family — they're stinking rich. The  guys were here, but they left a while ago. You were sleeping for five hours!"

Mason then lowered his eyes and continued, "You know what? I kind of overheard Bryce and Logan arguing outside earlier."

This was a lot for me to take in after passing out. I gulped. 

"Arguing? About what?"

"Logan was pissed about what happened to you. He was telling Bryce that if he didn't provoke jackass Jason, you wouldn't have gotten hurt. Bryce was saying how he had to shut jackass Jason up. After that, I think their parents called, and they left. Maisie, you got two Valentino's caring about you!"

Even if that did happen, I still needed to thank Bryce. 

Shaking my head, I murmured, "What a mess. Hold on, did you really tell Bryce that?"

"That you had and still have the hots for him? Hell yeah."

"Mason, I'm going to kill you first!"

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