Chapter 20 - Sam

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Sam’s POV

I walk to my apartment with Marcy behind me. She looks like she in deep in thoughts. I am worried myself. Now that I learn that I have a sister, I’m determined to keep her safe. I am protective over my family and coven. It makes me angry that someone in my coven is doing this. I have to warn Aunt Zoe and the coven. First, I need to contact Jacques. He’s the only one I trust since we have been friends since young.

I pull out my smart phone and dial Jacques’ number.

Bonjour, petit papillon!” his cheery voice says.

“Ego qui Gallice cingitur!” I hiss at him, looking at Marcy to see looking at me curiously. It means ‘I’m surrounded by people who can speak French!’ in Latin. There are still a few things that I want to keep a secret from Marcy like my healing abilities and vampires able to shift into a bat. I fasten my speed, wanting to reach the apartment early.

“Okay! What’s wrong?” he asks worriedly in Latin, knowing this is a serious matter.

“I need you and Isabeau to fly here immediately. This is an emergency,” I order. Marcy is catching up with me easily, still looking confused.

“What about papa and maman?

“Antoine, Nora and Aunt Zoe must not know about this. Tell them that you want to visit me for a few days,” I suggest. We finally reach my apartment. I stuck the key in and let Marcy enter first so I can close the door.

“I’ll be there by tomorrow,” he says in Latin, about to hang up.

“No!” I scream, startling Marcy. I can feel the power in my voice just like papa had when he was still alive. Without me realizing, I start to pace around the apartment. Marcy takes a seat on the sofa, watching me. “You have to shift and fly here in half an hour time. Our coven is in danger; a war might break out soon. There is a traitor in our coven.”

Jacques growls at the word ‘traitor’. “Who?” he snarls, almost as angry as I was when I learnt about this.

“I need you to look out for a name: Vince.” I pause before adding, “And you shall not tell this to anyone, including Isabeau. Just let her follow you here. It’s safer here than it is in Paris.”

“Okay. We’ll be there in half an hour.” Then Jacques hangs up.

I slip my phone into my pocket and massage my forehead. I’m not even eighteen yet and I’m already facing problems with the coven.

I look down at Marcy, who is still staring at me. The scar on her neck is visible. I clench my fist by my side in anger. I’m going to kill whoever did this to my sister. Marcy looks so fragile and clueless. How can someone take advantage of her? I’m going to rip this Vince into small pieces and watch him burn into ashes.

I’m snap out of my thoughts when Marcy asks, “What’s going to happen now?”

“Everything will be alright,” I assure her, at least I think I am.

She scowls at me. “Don’t give me that crap. Tell me the truth, my life is on the line as well.”

I sigh at her stubbornness. I can’t risk telling her, she has a connection with Vince, even if she doesn’t know about it. Her wolf is able to betray her and tell Vince about our plans. This shows how loyal wolves are.

“Do you want some bûche de Noël?” I ask, hoping that the topic will change. Her stomach growls in reply, making her blush in embarrassment.

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