Chapter 37

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Nicki POV

Me and Riri just came back from the mall, and I had fun too. I invited Jhene and Karrauche over for dinner too so they might be here already. For some reason, Tinashe been having a attitude wit me all day but I managed to ignore her. I opened the front door and saw Mama and Rih's mother in the living room talking to eachother.

Nicki- Hey guys!

Mama- Hey, where you guys been?

Nicki- First we checked our project and headed to the mall.

Mama- Well, you guys were almost late but Karrauche and Jhene are already here. They are upstairs with Amber.

Nicki- Ok thank you. I'm bout to go change.

Robyn- Hey mom

Monica- Hey Robz.

I grabbed Robyn's hand and led her up to my room, but before I went to mines, I opened Amber's room. I found the 3 of them laughing about something.

Karrauche- YAll finally here!! Where yall was at?

Nicki- Mall.

Amber- Hay forehead!

Robyn- Hey ugly.

Jhene- Nicki, do you need help picking out your outfit?

Nicki- No. Robyn will help. Gotta blast! let's go Rih.

We walked back to my room and Robyn immediately layed down on my bed.

Nicki- Robynnn, come help me

Robyn- Oh my god.

We walked to my large closet and she began looking through my clothes. I sat down and waited for her.

Robyn- So you just gonna sit down and not do anything?

Nicki- Yup.

Robyn-Hmm, ok

Not long until she pulled out a dress.

Nicki- Oooo, you think I should wear that?

Robyn- Yea, I like it.

Nicki- Ok get out so I could wear.

She smiled and left the closet, closing the door behind her. I striped out of my clothes and wore the fitted dress she gave me. I never wore it and I don't even remember buying it either😂. I got out and Robyn was watching tv. She turned to me and had a large kool- aid smile on her face.

Robyn- I knew it was gonna look good on you!

Robyn- I knew it was gonna look good on you!

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Nicki- Thank you. What should I wear on my feet?

Robyn- Wear your MK flats. The black ones.

Nicki- Ight.

I slipped them on and turned back to Robyn.

Nicki- When you gonna change?

Robyn- Right now.

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