Chapter 13

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Chapter 13.

(Ash POV)

It’s Thursday, so that means it only been the second day since me and Aly had that brief very brief thing if you could call it a thing, tomorrow her and Sean would both come over to my house and I would teach him some stuff to help them out or whatever yes it would be a little awkward but I’ve seen Aly’s body before and I had no problem doing it for them. Right now I’m in the library’s computer lab on Facebook trying to find that Cindy Rose chick so far I’ve been through fifty Facebook pages and I had a thousand more to go but I didn’t care how long it would take me I would find out who the hell this person was.

“Ash we’re still up for Friday right,” Sean asked I nodded clicking to another page not pay attention to him.
“What are you doing,” He asked I looked up at him as he hovered behind my chair I sighed.

“Trying to find this Cindy Rose chick I’ve been through a million of pages with no luck yet,” I mumbled clicking another page not finding anything I clicked back and went to the next page.

“Have you been here all day,” He asked I shrugged

“I don’t know isn’t it 2 period I came in right when school started I would’ve done this last night but my dad took everything electronic except my phone of course,” I mumbled again Sean laughed and pushed me aside I frowned.
“Dude I really need to find this girl,” I said he pushed me back and started typing stuff before I saw him grin I looked at the screen and pushed him out the way.

“How did you do that,” I asked curiously he was able to narrow everything down by the district and school leaving only 5 entries.

“I’m a genius and I happen to use my Facebook unlike you,” He said I rolled my eyes and clicked a profile before I frowned and looked through it.
“I’ll be damn,” I mumbled to myself clicking on the pictures Sean was looking at the screen laughing.
“Oh man that’s your fan page for your fan club and members,” He said I frowned they had pictures of me everywhere me without a shirt on, one was of me walking down the hallway smirking at the girls hell there was some of me from 3 years ago they had basketball pictures too some of them I don’t even know how they got like the one of me playing my Xbox at home and one of me in the supermarket.

“How the hell do they get these pictures,” I exclaimed Sean looked at me and shrugged.

“I don’t know but look at how many fans you have that’s more than the female population here,” He said taking my hand off the mouse he scrolled down and clicked something before he let out a low whistle.
“Damn you got girls from others states of all ages crushing on you, looks like you’re famous Ash,” He said I groaned I didn’t care about that he was sidetracking me.

“Shut up why did this pop up under Cindy Rose,” I grumbled he scrolled down clicked and pointed underneath the info it said the creator of the page was Cindy Rose from the Windsor High School Fan Club, I frowned and stood up grabbing my bag.

“What period are we in,” I asked he stared at me confused as I shut the computer off

“Halfway through lunch why,” I frowned again and groaned I needed to check up on Gabriel.

“I’m going to find that Cindy Rose chick,” I grumbled walking out the library first stop was Gabriel next stop the stupid fan club, I peeked in the nurse office Gabriel was sitting in her same spot pushing her food around I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

“Gabriel eat it,” I said not looking her in her eyes I haven’t really looked her in her face in awhile now I feel guilt every time I do.

“Ash,” She said surprised I nodded and laid on the bed like I usually did I watched her start to eat the food, she was gaining her weight back slowly but she was better than before she was already skinny and not eating didn’t help she was skin and bones when I had taken care of her the other week.

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