Chapter 18 - The truth

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She sighed; it seemed that woman was stubborn. “You know you’re stupid for doing it, right?” She lightly hit his chest, finally pulling completely out of his arms.

He chuckled and tried grabbing her again, but she dodged his arms. “Come on Ashley, don’t do this to me. I just thought I lost you forever. When I got a call from Mrs. Kane I thought everything was lost.” The sadness in his voice made her take a step forward, but just as quick as the sadness had appeared, it was replaced by mischief.

She narrowly missed his arms for the second time, laughing as she ran from the room.

Scott’s deep chuckle ran through the hallway as she ran through it, looking for the door to outside. It’d be much easier to avoid him catching her if she were outside.

As she reached the end of the hall the little girl came into view. Glancing behind her, she saw Scott about ten feet behind her.

“Ashley, where’s the front door?”

The little girl looked surprised at the urgency in her voice, but pointed to her right nonetheless.

She passed the little girl, taking a right, and ran right into the living room she had been in when she first arrived; Mrs. Kane was there.

“Ashley I need to-”

“Sorry, got to go.” She ran passed the surprised woman and opened the door, quickly running outside.

With more space she could use her speed to the fullest of its capabilities.

Without shutting the door behind her, she ran outside, knowing Scott was only a few feet behind her. Slowing to ask directions had made her lose a bit of distance, but she planned on getting it back now.

She turned on her speed and took off in no particular direction. There was miles upon miles of open space and no one else was around.

The door shut and she glanced behind her to see Scott chasing her. What surprised her was that Mrs. Kane was standing on the porch, watching them with a smile on her face. She hadn’t expected the woman to follow them outside.

Focusing back on Scott, she realized he was only a few steps behind her.

Shoot! Why had she let her speed slow? She couldn’t afford to get distracted again. He’d catch her if she did.

Gaining speed again, she heard Scott laughing. This was fun, but she simply wanted to be in Scott's arms again.

Slowing down, she allowed herself to be caught. She giggled as he wrapped his arms around her, and before she knew what was happening, her leg caught his and they both went tumbling to the ground.

When they finally stopped rolling she felt bruised, and yet, she couldn’t stop her laughter. She had had fun running from Scott and was amazed that nothing was there to ruin their fun. Sure, some could say them tripping ruined it, but she disagreed.

A hand softly touched her side. “Ashley, are you okay? I didn’t think when I grabbed you. I am so sorry.” He gently rolled over so she was facing him. He was propped up on one arm, looking down at her. The worry in his eyes slowly faded as he took in her smile.

Her laughter had ceased, but her smile felt like it would be stuck in place permanently. “Don’t worry about me. I’ve taken much harder blows while I was training with Toran.”

His smile quickly vanished and his eyes went hard.

She sighed, sitting up and pulling her legs close so she could wrap her arms around them. “We’re going to talk about my time in Verden now, aren’t we?”

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