Chapter 22

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I did it again. Why was it always that I screwed things up and made Louis angry with me? If I didn't make the wrong actions, I spoke the wrong words, and if it wasn't any of that, it was something else. I just couldn't keep Louis on my good side. The problem this time though, was that I didn't know what I had done wrong. Surely, there must have been something I said because I didn't recall doing something at least. The question was; what did I say wrong? Had I been too pushy when I asked him if he could give us a try? Or was it that he wasn't completely sure about his feelings after all and didn't want to give us a try because of that? I had no idea. The only thing I knew was that I said something that made him hate me... again.

At the moment, I was lying on my bed, waiting for dinner to be ready downstairs. It was still the same day that everything took place and everything I had done since I came home was to be here, thinking. I had gone through the scenario over and over again, trying to put my finger on what had gone wrong, but it didn't matter how much I tried, I couldn't come up with an answer anyway.

Cutting me off from my thoughts, the bedroom door opened and stole my attention. My heart skipped a beat, my first thought being that it was Louis who for some reason was the person on the other side of it, but when a brown haired girl I recognized as my older sister poke her head through the gap, it dropped to my stomach in disappointment. How stupid could I be, though? Why would Louis come for me in this situation?

"Hello, brother. Can I come in?" she asked, a smile forming on her pink lips.

I shrugged, scooting to one side of the bed to make some space, indicating for her to join me. She closed the door behind her before striding over to the bed. At first, I thought she would just sit down on the edge of it, so it surprised me when she laid down beside me. "So, what did you want?" I asked when she didn't say anything.

Gemma turned her face towards me, a frown forming between her eyebrows. "I wanted to talk about you and Louis."

Well, of course she did. Everything in this family was about the two of our's relationship nowadays. It was like they didn't think of anything else but for us to start getting along. To be honest, it was getting rather annoying by now. Couldn't they just care about their own business instead?

When she saw me rolling my eyes, she let out a sigh. "I know you don't want to talk about it, and I know we all have been a pain in the ass to you guys, but you need to understand that it would be for the best if you guys just got on with each other. I mean, what happened between you that is so hard to forget?"

I bit my bottom lip, ignoring her intense stare. Instead, I focused my attention on the wall opposite us. "Too much, you don't even want to know. All I can say is that there's probably no way you'll be seeing us getting along anytime soon because last time I was around him he literally stormed off," I mumbled, the scene from today playing on my retina once again.

How his ocean blue eyes had gone from shining to looking so dull in the blink of an eye, just because of something I had said. My heart had sunken to the pit of my stomach at the sight, and it didn't make matters better that he left just a second later. I just hated the fact that I was the reason he broke down like that.

"What happened then? Come on, I'm your sister. Say whatever you want to say. You know you can trust me."

Letting out a feign laughter that sounded more like a snort, I turned to her. "Trust you? Yeah, sure. Last time I decided to trust you, you went off and told the one person you definitely shouldn't have told anything to about our relationship. To be more specific, you told Louis himself. Remember that?" I asked, referring to that one time at the restaurant when she revealed that she knew of Louis and I's friendship two years ago although I had promised him I wouldn't tell a soul about it.

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