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While I'm waiting for the poll to finish, I guess I'll do this one shot real quick.

They found out from Nico.

It was after the war and most of the Seven stood battered and bruised on Half-Blood Hill, but each of them had a dark gleam in their eye. They were waiting for all of their group to meet up, and now they were just waiting on Annabeth. Leo had been killed fighting Gaea. Percy had broken his arm and was healing in the infirmary.

It was Nico who trekked up the hill in his Hawaiian shirt, his hands in his pockets, and his lips pressed together. He looked deep in thought as he approached them.

"Not many died this time." He announced. Then, he started listing names. A lot of names. More than they would like to hear.

"That's a lot." Frank stated the obvious.

"I'm not done." Nico replied.

When his voice started dying down, he said the last names. "Leo Valdez and..." He looked over the group and had a sympathetic expression on his face as everyone shut their eyes and took deep breaths in mourning.

"And?" Jason finally said, trying to be strong for his friends when all he wanted to do was fall to the ground and cry.

"And Annabeth." Nico said quietly.

The entire group stopped moving in shock.

"What?" Piper asked, her voice small and her eyes large. It felt to Nico like telling a bunch of kids that their kitten had been run over.

"She died." He repeated, "I saw it as well. It was a Roman that did it, sword to the stomach. I tried to help, so did Will, but she was already gone."

Everyone stood in silence until a little whimper escaped Hazel's throat, "Percy..." She said what had been on everyone's minds. No matter what they felt for losing their friend, Percy would feel double that.

Nico nodded, wiping a hand over his face. Just then, a figure walked up behind him and Will grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Infirmary!" He practically dragged the boy with him, keeping his hand on the back of his neck while Nico protested.

Even through the hilarity of that situation, the cold feeling that rested over everyone only strengthened the more they thought. Suddenly, there was a silent question of who would tell him. Who would tell Percy.

It seemed like the obvious choice would be Hazel, who had known him for the longest besides Frank and was really sweet. She could break the news to him better than anyone there. But, she didn't want to go alone.

Frank ended up going with her, holding her hand as they made their way to the infirmary to see Percy. Hazel tried to plan what she was going to say, but could think of nothing.

Percy's leg was already almost fully healed when they got in there. They found him with one leg, that was wrapped, on the bed and the other hanging off of it. He looked anxious and his head snapped towards them when the door opened. You could clearly see the disappointment in his eyes, but he still smiled.

"Hey, guys!" He said. Frank and Hazel went to the side of his bed, Hazel sitting on the edge and Frank standing next to Percy, "How was the fight?" He asked.

"Um... It was good. Quick." Frank admitted.

"That's good..." Percy nodded, "Did I miss anything cool?"

The couple in front of him exchanged glances then looked down. Percy's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Percy," Frank squeezed his eyes shut.

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