Day 14: Opening An Old Wound

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The name of the former occupant was Avilio Bruno.

As far as my aunt was concerned, that was the only thing she knew about the man. That and the fact that he had this bad habit of paying for his rents beyond the deadline even though he had so much money. Something my aunt found peculiar.

Even I found it odd. Having to pay beyond the deadline even though he had so much money with him is a very odd habit. But what caught my curiosity wasn't just that odd habit of his but also what my aunt had added before she left me to my own devices.

"But if you were to ask me for a description of the man, his eyes would the first you would see. It was the eyes of an empty shell, adding to fact that he rarely spoke to us, one would assume that he was a nothing more but a human-sized doll." I could still recall what my aunt had described the said man as which made me wonder what sort of lifestyle he had lived by.

Maybe his apartment would hold the answer.

Setting my suitcase by the table, I then began to search around the small room once again. As expected not a single decoration in sight which only solidified my idea of his idea so someday leave this place for good. The bottles held no interest other than to show me that he must have been a drinker. Something I knew my father would frown upon if he found out. But the Prohibition Law was ending soon anyways so it's not like there would a problem with it now, is there?

"Hm?" I say to myself as I look down on what appeared to be a wallet. Taking it into my hand, I thought that maybe I had finally found a clue as to the complete identity of the man but imagine to my surprise that the small wallet was merely just a part of a huge pile of collection he had next to the bed. But a collection of wallets? Only one conclusion came to my mind.

He was a thief- a pickpocketer to be more precise.

It was only now that the pieces were beginning to fit in their place. The man named Avilio Bruno was an unemployed man who lived off of the money he had stolen from the people. Now it would explain why he has so much money even if he rarely went out.

"But if so then he wouldn't make a perfect model for my story now would he? There must be something more... Like where he once lived or what happened to him after." I thought aloud before my eyes trailed to the lone bottle that stood by the windowsill.

Taking the aforementioned item into my hand, I then began to read the label of the bottle.

"Lawless... Heaven?" I whisper before my eyes widened when I realized what kind of bottle I was holding.

Due to the enactment of the Prohibition Law, a lot of liquor industries had shut down since strong alcohols were forbidden so as to prevent the rising population of people committing heinous acts due to its influence. Normally, it would have worked but because the government lacked the necessary means to properly enforce it, majority of the supposed bottles were still being manufactured and sold for high prices in the black market.

I think it was two years ago that two mafia families from a town of Lawless rose to power because of selling moonshine in the black market.

They were called the Vanetti and Orco family.

They were all over the newspapers then since the two had been at war with each other due to territorial disputes. It was complete hell in Lawless during those times since every area was under their control and sudden attacks on certain areas had been constant.

That was when Lawless Heaven probably rose to fame. I've heard rumors that it was the Vanetti's who had control over its distribution and one of the many reasons that helped them rise above the Orco family. But such was not meant to last now was it.

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