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Chapter 4
Beep! Beep! Beep!
Derek: Mer get that
Mer: ughhhh can't you do anything these days
Derek just ignored her. Meredith got up and turned the alarm off.
Mer: Derek get up!! You have to get the kids ready! Lets go!!
Derek: yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever
Meredith just rolled her eyes l hopefully he will have the kids ready when she gets out of the shower. HA! What a joke that was. Meredith got out of the shower and Derek was still sleeping. None of the kids were ready and Bailey was crying.
Mer: are you kidding me? (She throws her brush at derek) You couldn't even get the kids ready?! Do I have to do everything?!
Derek: owww! What the heck?! A brush really?!
Mer: yeah, really! Have you forgotten the life you have and what responsibilities you have?!
Derek: excuse me?! That was unnecessary!
Mer: you wanna know what's unnecessary? You getting up late every fricken morning and you can't even take care of your kids!
Derek: STOP RIGHT THERE! I do take care of the kids and when I'm not taking care of the kids I'm working all the time.
Mer: I don't have time for this! Just meet us there!
Derek then got in the shower. Meredith finished getting ready then got the kids dressed and fed, then loaded them up in the car and left.

(Meredith arrived at the hospital 10 minutes later. She dropped off the kids at daycare and was walking to the attendings lounge. She ran into Cristina)
Cris: What's up with you these days? You are arriving late all the time and you hardly do any surgeries. I mean it's ok I'm just wondering.
Mer: ugh Derek can't do anything anymore not even get the kids ready! I have to do everything myself! Its getting ridiculous!
Cris: isn't he the one that wants more kids? And yet he can't take care of the ones he has? That's crazy! Anyways see ya at lunch!

(20 mins later, Derek arrives at work. He goes into the attendings lounge, drops off his stuff then goes to the ER. He then finds Meredith.)
Derek: Mer!
Mer: look, I don't have time to be talking to you right now! I'm very busy! I'm actually trying to get back to work.
With that, Meredith left.

( an ambulance has come in with a woman that is expecting but has been in a car crash. Meredith and Addison were paged)
Mer&Addison: you paged?!
Addison: look what the wind blew in!
Mer: hello Addison! It's always a pleasure seeing you.( sacastically)
Addison: same goes to you
Nurse: patient that has been in a really bad car crash. She has history of tumors in the brain and is expecting a kid.
Addison: ok, page dr. Sheperd. On the count of three move her.... 1,2...
Mer: 3! She has really bad internal bleeding. We have to get in surgery ASAP
Addison: fine! Transfer her to an open OR, move any surgery that can hold off on until we are done here. And page Sheperd!
Nurse: ok, dr. Montgomery

Meredith takes the patient to the OR. She washes her hands and goes to operate. The operation is going well then Addison comes in...
Addison: how's it going Grey?
Mer: it's great! On the last patch now....
Addison: ok! I came to check on the baby.
Mer: yeah, they are both stable. You can leave now..
Addison: ill leave when I want to leave Dr. Grey!
Mer: actually no you can't. GET OUT OF MY OR NOW!

The surgery goes well. The patient and baby both make it. After surgery Meredith gets paged by Dr. Sheperd and Dr. Montgomery
Mer: what the heck?!

So I hope you guys like it:) Please comment what you think;)

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