Keith, Pidge, Hunk and Lance all gathered in one tight circle. "Did you guys hear about Shiro, (y/n) and Allura?" Hunk whispered. "Who here didn't? We're the only ones living in the castle and their shouting could have been heard from the other side of the galaxy" Keith commented. "Yeah, (y/n)'s screams really scared me last night" Pidge added. "So what are we going to do?" Hunk asked. "We're going to get them back together" Lance answered. "Huh?" Hunk asked. "We're not matchmakers Lance. Besides, you can't get two angry cats to like each other after a cat fight" Pidge commented.

"Yeah, but this is Shiro and (y/n) we're talking about!" Lance urged. "Still don't think this is a good idea" Hunk moaned, rubbing his neck. "It's not our business, so we shouldn't interfere. Besides! What if we make things worse?!" Pidge exclaimed. "We're not going to make things worse" Lance reassured. "And makes you think that your plan is going to work? Assuming that you have one of course" Keith asked. "We're going to lock them in a room together until they like each other!" Lance answered. "Ugh!" Pidge sighed while Keith face palmed himself.


Since your argument with Shiro, you avoided him to prevent any more conflicts. You sat on the other side of the table during meals, you never looked at him, and whenever you trained you always did it when Shiro wasn't around. You didn't mind avoiding him actually, by staying away from him, you felt safe; Shiro wasn't worth it now.

"Hey, you okay (y/n)?" Keith asked, walking up from behind you. "Yeah, I'm okay" You sighed. "Still Shiro?" Keith asked. "I know it's been a week since the fight, but I still don't like being around him anymore, but it's hard to stay away from him" You admitted. "Look, I'm not good with people and conflicts, but try to talk to him. Maybe having a conversation might help" Keith suggested. "Maybe, but I don't feel up to it" you replied. "Okay," Keith shrugged.

You walked on ahead after an awkward silence and went into your room, waiting for Keith to walk past. 'Maybe talking to Shiro actually might help' You thought to yourself, 'It could act like some therapy. I mean, you're a part of Shiro's team and you might as well resolve things before another mission comes around.' You thought yourself into talking to Shiro and resolving things, but a perpetual fear stilled you.

You were frozen and your feet suddenly felt welded to the ground. You tried to make your feet shuffle across, but even wiggling your toes was impossible. "I can do this, I can do this" You repeated. You lifted your foot slightly up, but quickly ran three steps back. "I can't do this!" You procrastinated, hyperventilating.

Your chest started to pound faster and faster and faster. Your throat throbbed as blood surged through your veins. "WAAHH!" You shouted, running out your room. You quickly flicked your head side to side, checking if anyone saw your rush out like maniac. No one stood on the left side of the corridor, but Coran stood there looking at you inquisitively. "Uh..." You stammered. "I need to... Go... For a... walk" You stammered, clumsily walking away.

You took a round around the castle before stopping at Shiro's room. You hadn't seen him during your walk and wondered if he was in his room. You stood at the door way carefully listening to see if anyone was there. You heard shuffles and quiet grunts and wondered if now a good time to come in. "Shiro?" You asked, walking towards the door.

The door slowly opened. Lance jumped out as soon as he was able. "Ah!" You screamed, Lance quickly jumped around you and pushed you into the dark room. "Whoa!" You shouted, falling into the darkness. "Lance what the heck?!" You quickly got up, but Lance closed the room before you could reach him. You punched the door hard and heard Lance yelp on the other side.

"Lance _ you open this door now!" You demanded. "I did it! I locked Shiro and (y/n) in the same room!!" Lance celebrated. "LANCE!!" You roared, but Lance's voice drifted down the corridor and your only hope of getting out of this dark room faded away.

"Oh! When I get out of this room Lance, you are going to pay big time" You growled. "You forgot that I was in the same room with you, didn't you?" Shiro asked. "Shiro?" You gasped. You turned around looking into the black void of the room. "Where are you?" You asked. "I don't think you're that far away from me. Try walk forwards until you touch the wall" Shiro instructed. "Okay, " You replied. You walked slowly, placing your hands forward, yearning for the comforting feel of something solid.

You took a few steps forwards and tripped over. "Whoa!" You screamed. "Ow!" Shiro cried out. "I guess you were closer than I thought you were" Shiro chuckled. "Where are you?" You asked, feeling a body part right after asking. "You're grabbing my thigh," Shiro said. You quickly jerked your hand away and cringed in discomfort. "Your thumb was pointing towards my face. Lance somehow took me down and tied me up" Shiro sighed. "Oh, so that's why I heard some shuffling and grunting sounds," You said.

You carefully patted your hands along the ground near Shiro's body until you felt something like a rope wrapped around Shiro. "You're lying down?!" You asked. "Lance didn't oblige to prop me up against a wall" Shiro answered. "Are you lying on the knot?" You asked. "I think it's more of a lock than a knot" Shiro answered. "WHAT?!" You exclaimed. "Does that mean Lance has the key?" You groaned.

"Mwa ha ha ha! Yes, I do have the key! Mwa ha ha ha ha!" Lance cackled, through the speakers. "Lance you knuckle headed-" "If you want the key and get out, shut up" Lance butted in. You dropped your mouth opened and grumpily shut your mouth. "Lance, do you have the video feed on my room?" Shiro asked. "I'm on the bridge; of course I'm watching you" Lance answered. "I hate you," You murmured. "Talk and stay there or shut up and get out?" Lance taunted. "ARG!" You screamed.

"Lance, get us out now!" Shiro demanded. "Don't worry Shiro, I'll let you guys out on one condition" Lance responded. "What?" Shiro asked. "(y/n) has to kiss you" Lance answered. "That's it?" Shiro asked, unfazed. You gave Shiro the look, but then it hit you that Shiro couldn't see you. You quickly wacked him instead and accidently slapped him in the face. "Ow!" Shiro whined. "Sorry," You mouthed. "(y/n) says sorry" Lance sniggered.

"Come on (y/n), I asked you to kiss Shiro not slap him. Gosh, I didn't know that your argument with Shiro was that bad" Lance sighed. You scrunched your fists into a ball and started to breathe in heavily. "I hate you" You mouthed. "When I get out I'm going to punch you so hard in your pretty little face that your nose is going to bleed!!!!" You silently screamed. "Just kiss him already and stop your little baby tantrum" Lance sighed over the speakers. "Oh my gosh Lance! You're so annoying!!" You humphed, crossing your arms. "If you don't kiss him, you'll never get out of here and it will be all your fault" Lance sang.

"ARG!" You screamed. You quickly turned to Shiro and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "There, now you happy?" You huffed. Lance didn't reply, but a digital beep and the sound of something light falling to the ground answered your question. "Yes!" You celebrated. The room lights slowly lit up to a slight dim. Too dark for any shadows to be seen, but light enough for you to see the door. You hurriedly helped freed Shiro up and ran towards the door.

You expected the door to slide open, but it remained closed while you banged right into it. "Darn it" You gritted your teeth in frustration. "Lance open the door!" You ordered. "Kiss Shiro" Lance replied. "I did kiss him" You snarled. "Kiss him like you mean it" Lance sighed. "What?! NO!" You shouted. "Do you like Shiro?" Lance asked. "Yes," You said quietly. "THEN KISS HIM ALREADY! Or I'm play the gummy bear song backwards" Lance threatened. "Huh?" You asked.

Suddenly the gummy bear song started to play and it sounded terrible! You cringed and covered your ears. Shiro sighed heavily and held your chin before kissing you on the lips. You 'gasped' at the surprise before melting right there. "Ah," Lance sighed blissfully.

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