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             Tobias's POV
    This is Tris's first Christmas and I want to make sure she enjoys it. I've never decorated my place on the years I've been here due to not having anyone over.  And by anyone, I mean anyone. I've changed so much cause of Tris. I can finally see a future farther than just training initiates, working out, and the control room.  I'm now engaged to the most beautiful woman ever, wanting to have children with her, and happy for the first time in so long. 
     Tris is extremely sore today due to her being pain yesterday and can't stand up straight. I hate that she's going through this. No one ever should have to. I'm not sure if she'll be up for putting up the tree and decorating it, but it's worth the shot. She's sleeping right now so I just set the tree up and put white lights around it. 
     Walking into the room after I'm done, I try to be as quiet as I can. She looks so relaxed when she's asleep. I crouch down next to her and move a strand of her hair out of her face.  She fell asleep in my sweeter which is three times too big for her. 
     "Baby, wake up," I say softly. Well, as softly as a man with a extremely deep voice can. Sometimes it bugs me, some other times I'm thankful for it; not only for being intimidating for some,  but Tris says it's a big turn on. 
     "Five more minutes mom," she says.  Her face crunches together and she no longer looks relaxed. "Caleb, please don't do this," she begs in her sleep. What is she talking about? "Mom and did will notice," she says. Tears seep out from her closed lashes. 
     "Wake up, Luv," I say,  shaking her lightly. She joints awake, grabbing my shoulders to steady herself from catching herself at near fall.  "Are you okay?" I ask.  She looks into my eyes and shakes her head no.  "Do you want to talk about it?" I don't think I've ever been so concerned for her. 
     "Maybe one day, but not now. I'm not ready," she says. I nod and decide to drop it until she brings it up. 
    "Can you come with me to the living room?" I ask. She nods and begin to stand. She can't stand all the way, making her very hunched over. I shake my head and pick her up. She winces in pain as she settles herself in my arms.  "You good?" I ask.  After she confirms to be okay I kiss her temple and carry her bridal style to the living room. 
     Setting her down on the  couch so she's on her knees she smiles at the lit tree.  "It's beautiful," she compliments.  I walk over to the corner and take out three things of decorations for it.  "What are those?" She asks. 
     "This are what we put on the tree to make it even more beautiful," I say. "Some people get random pink and yellow, weird ordiements (someone please tell me how to spell it),but I found out today that I'm festive and traditional, so I got red and green ones," I say. 
    "I wouldn't of expected that," she says. I carry the bags to the table and set them down. Tris waddle-limps over. We begin putting them know the tree. Soon the last thing to out it is the topper. I got an angel. I hand it to Tris. 
     "How the hell do you expect me, a 5'1, girl to put this all the way up there," she says. I get on my knees and tap my shoulders.  She giggles and gets on.  Standing up, I hold on to her thighs as tight as I can so she doesn't fall. She puts it on there and I put her back down, stretching out my shoulders.
     The tree is stunning. I take my phone out and decide to be girly for a second. She'll thank me for this later. I sit down on the couch next to her and put her feet my lap,  leaning in close to her. 
     "What are you doing?" She questions. She looks at the camera and back at me.  She hates pictures cause she doesn't thinks he looks good in the outcome. She always looks good.   
     "We are taking a picture so that we can print it and frame so we can have it every Christmas to remind us of the first Christmas we spent together," I explain.  I'm hesitant with adding the next part.  "And so that are children can see one day," I say. She smiles and kisses me. I snap the picture as it happens and let's just say that it's almost as beautiful as she is. 

AU: I spoke too soon with a previous chapter,  this is my favorite chapter.  I know it's soon for a Christmas chapter, but I just wanted it to be cute.  Anyways, please comment your thoughts and ideas for later chapters.  Be brave 🔪🔪🔪-Veah

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