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"Okay, ba?" Xian asked as they exited the door that led up to a veranda atop the kitchen of Matteo's home.

"How did you know about this?" Kim asked impressed at how it had a great view of the city and it was deserted. 

"Matteo showed it to me. I'm surprised he didn't tell anyone na this is the best place to watch the fireworks", he said, leading her to the railings. 

Kim smiled as she rested her arms on the concrete ledge, enjoying the view overlooking Manila . "Ang ganda naman at thank god, tahimik, ang ingay na sa loob eh." They were at Matteo's party where they were all awaiting the stroke of midnight to celebrate the new year. 

"It's going to get noisier in a bit," Xian said. "In about ..." he paused to look at his watch. "Five minutes, 2012 na," he reminded her. 

"Five na lang? Wow! Grabe parang ang bilis ng 2011. Ang daming nangyari. Ang daming blessings." 

"Oo nga." For him, one of them was meeting her. 

"May wish ka na ba?" 

"Wish?" His eyebrow arched. 

"Don't you do that? Make a wish for New Years?" 

He shook his head. "Nope. New Year's resolution, yes. But we don't make a wish." 

"Well you should. Almost everyone is doing a resolution so para maiba naman, make a wish. Besides, I like wishes better." 

"May wish ka na?" He asked curiously. 

"Yep," she nodded. "Mababaw saka selfish pero sabi ko sa sarili ko wish ko for 2012 ... love life," she sighed wistfully.

Xian looked at her and couldn't help but smile. He loves moments like this, when it was just the two of them and she opens herself to him. 

"Uy! Someone's starting the fireworks," she said noticing the flashes in the sky.She was quiet as she watched for a while. "Ang ganda ng fireworks no?" 

Xian followed where her finger was pointing and nodded in agreement. "This one's for you and me, living out our dreams," he began singing the Bruno Mars & Eminem song. " We're all right where we should be. Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes. And now all I wanna see Is a sky full of lighters .... A sky full of lighters...."

"Naks," she used her shoulder to nudge him playfully. "Galing mo talaga." 

"Well, doesn't it look like a sky full of lighters?" 

"Ikaw lang makakaisip non. Ako naisip ko yung kwitis," she said with a little giggle. 

"Alin?" He turned to find her smiling. 

"Yung joke mong corny. Kumain ka ba ng kwitis?" 

He blushed. Yes, forgive him but it was corny. 


The screaming and cheering caught their attention. Kim looked up and saw bigger fireworks filled the January sky. 

"Happy new year, Kim," She managed to hear Xian amidst the noise. 

She laughed, hugging him. "Happy new year! Dali make a wish!" She instructed. 

"No," Xian shook his head. "You first." 

"Ikaw na sabi eh. Basta, ikaw. Go!" 

Xian sighed, knowing that he will not win this anyways. Closing his eyes, he sent out a wish from his heart. 

"Okay, your turn," he said right after.

"Uhmm .. I don't need to...." She tried to avoid his gaze.

"Ha? Ang daya naman eh! You started this tapos ayaw mo," Xian complained. 

"I didn't say na ayaw ko," I explained. 

"Okay, then do it." 

"But I don't need to." 

"Ha? Ang labo naman!" Xian complained. 

"Xi, I don't need to ... make a wish anymore," Kim said bashfully. 

"Huh? I don't get it," Xian said, scratching the back of his ear. 

"I don't need to make a wish anymore kasi... kasi it already came true," she admitted almost in a whisper. 

"Ha? Ang bilis naman. Kelan?" 

She looked up to meet his eyes, "When I met you ..." 

Xian sighed and then smiled when what she said finally reached his heart. 

"Ikaw kasi eh..." Kim eyed gleamed. "Pag ngumiti ka kasi may spark!!" 

Xian couldn't help but laugh. She was definitely something else. And now ... she was his. 

Brining her close to him, he gently, he held her face, brushing the wisps of hair away from her eyes. Witha sigh, he kissed her. 

"Happy new year, love," he whispered after their lips parted. 


She smiled. Her heart swelled just thinking about it. 

"Happy New year, my love."


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