Chapter II: The Catch

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The Catch.
Isis was extremely tired, her body felt heavy, her mind sluggish and her forearms stung. As she was sat under a pine tree on the snow, she realized her fingers were numb. The cold was unbearable; she instantly knew she made mistake transporting herself to the Frozen Woods again. She could not think of another place as she saw the Sliver warrior running towards her. Panic invaded her and she quickly transported herself to the only place that came to her mind. But now, she was in those uninhabited woods again without power. She didn't even have enough power left to start a fire to keep herself warm. She knew was in trouble that cold could kill her, her father had explained it to her a few months ago.
Her father...
She missed him, she missed her mother. She wanted to go home to let them make her feel safe. As the cold breeze brushed her skin, she grimaced in pain. The burn skin on her forearms was already getting better. Her body ability of healing herself quickly, but it drained a lot of her energy which is why she was so tired.

Isis remembered the red Dragon, her fearing it filled her with dread. The red Dragon is pure  evil; she had seen that in its eyes. She had seen nothing but, hatred in his large red eyes.

She looked down at her stomach and only then noticed the burn surrounding her belly button. There was a hole in her white dress, exposing her stomach making the cold even more unbearable. Her lips were quivering and her body was shaking from being scared by the Dragon and the extreme cold. She stood up to look around.
She only saw more trees and snowy ground where ever she looked. The place she was, was slightly dark even when she knew it was morning. It was too quiet; she could only hear the sound of the cold wind brushing the tree branches and her own breathing. Embracing herself, she wished this was all a bad dream. Isis Blizzard wished she would wake up in her bed, all she had gone through was all just a nightmare and that she could hug her mother one more time. But something inside her told her she was not going to see her mother or ever sleep in her own bed again.
A loud growl made Isis jumped to her feet. She became alert as her eyes scanned the woods. She didn't see anything so she hid behind a tree as she glanced around looking for the source of it. How did they find her so fast? And then it hit her. A blurring memory of her father flashed through her mind...

"Dragons have the most advanced sense of smell... they can not only smell you but sense you even if you are kilometers away." her father had told seriously.

"Even if you transport yourself far away?" Isis had asked curious, holding her pillow close to her chest.

"Yes, when you transport yourself... your scent is left behind. That is the only weakness of mind transportation," her father explained messing with her hair.
Isis opened her eyes pushing that memory away. The dragon could find her, no matter how far she went but she could hide almost anywhere... she was small. Maybe they would not see her.
"Isis," she heard that unpleasant voice, it was the Sliver warrior's voice "come out and play, little one." he offered. She pressed herself deeper into the tree's bark. Another growl made her scream a little, she quickly covered her mouth. Her small heart was hammering inside her chest. She was really afraid of the Dragon. The ground quaked uncontrollably as the Dragon lumbered towards where she was hiding. She could hear the trees crashing down; the Dragon was demolishing them as he made his way through the woods. She needed to move but she did not know where she should go. She swallowed and counted three.


She began running away from them. They were right behind her, the Dragon growled and quickly followed her while the warrior simply watched the scene amused.

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