-A Week Later-

Xavier's mother was preparing the grand ceremony. Yes, today was the grand day! I will be accepted in the kingdom as one of the members. I'm very excited that I could hardly sleep at all last night! Xavier is now in his office, doing some pack work. So everyone has been very busy since last week. They started to plan and decorate last week. But they won't let the rest of the kingdom see any of it. The decoration and everything was to be a surprise. I am kind of freaking out! Today is the ceremony and I don't know what to wear! Then a knock was heard in my room. I quickly got up from the bed and opened it. My face broken into a smile.

''SCARLETT!'' Xavier's mother squealed happily.

''L-luna V-violet.''

''Oh. You don't have to call me that. You're going to officially become the great Luna Queen of this kingdom.''

I smiled warmly, knowing that in a few hours I'd be accepted as a member in this kingdom. A true warm feeling of home.

It was 4 in the morning and Xavier had already gone to his office to work since like 3 in the morning. He's been very busy these past couple of weeks. I then focused my attention back to Violet. I noticed she was carrying a bunch of white rectangular boxes. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

''This my dear.....is something you will be wearing.'' She squealed. I immediately smiled at her.

''T-thank you. I-I didn't k-know what to w-wear for the c-ceremony.''

''Well you will become officially the Luna Queen of this kingdom. You obviously gotta look extra more gorgeous.''

I smiled warmly, Violet was like a mother to me. She truly cared for me. She closed the door and set all the boxes on the bed. There were 2 enormous white boxes and other smalls ones.

''This one, is the dress you will be wearing. Oh! I can just imagine it on you., You'd look so gorgeous!''

I walked towards it. I then slowly opened it. I gasped at the sight of it. I couldn't believe it! I t was one gorgeous dress! I started to tear up.

''O-oh my Goddesses! I-It's beautiful.''

''I know right! When I saw it, it reminded me of you.''

I hugged her tight.

''T-thank you so m-much.''

''Anything for you. You're my son's mate. You are now part of our family....Now go and open the other boxes.''


I looked at the dress one more time. I smiled really big. I loved the color of the dress. It was a dark navy blue that almost looked violet purple, on some parts it was a peach color. It was a floor length dress or should I say gown. It was also strapless but gorgeous.

I closed up the lid of the box then I moved to the medium sized box

I closed up the lid of the box then I moved to the medium sized box. I opened it and another gasp was heard. In the box it had the most beautiful heels I've ever seen. They were black with some symmetrical shapes. I absolutely loved them!

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