Hi guys! How's it going? I just couldn't wait to write the Epilogue of this book. Also, my exams are nearing and I really wanted to end this book on a happy note and that too, soon.

I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported this book and given it all the love and importance. I'm very happy to tell you all that The Night Rider was ranked #235 in Romance, a few days ago. That's a huge achievement for me.

Also, there will be another chapter after this one where I'll be answering all your questions and queries. So, if you have any doubts about this book, please leave comments on this chapter.

I haven't been able to decide upon the person who should play Tamara's character. I've chosen two incredibly talented actresses and those are Lily Collins and Adelaide Kane. Vote for the actress that you like better, or suggest another one if you have someone in mind for Tamara's character.

Lily Collins: 

Lily Collins: 


Adelaide Kane:

Important: There will be an important Author's Note at the end of this chapter, so please read it

Important: There will be an important Author's Note at the end of this chapter, so please read it. You might like what I'm trying to say.

So without further ado, here's the chapter.


One month later...

Ryder's POV:

The incessant ringing of my alarm didn't irritate me today. In fact, I had been lying awake in my bed for a few hours. I couldn't ignore the butterflies that were running a chaos in my stomach. And this past month, my heart had never beat at a normal speed, since I had thought about Her the entire time. Man, I sounded like a lovesick fool! But then again, I was one indeed.

Living this one month had felt like living a lifetime. I couldn't control how incredibly slow the time had passed. It felt like I was compelled to just sit back and watch the events of this last month unfold, that had taken more than forever to pass.

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