Chapter 13

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FINALLY WE'RE HERE! The flight was boring as shit... I exited the plane and saw a limousine waiting for us, "what are you waiting for dame-Tsuna! Get down or I'll kick you " my fcking brother said in an annoyed tone. I glanced at him and stick my tongue out, " well fck you " I said and jump from the plane stairs, I glance back and saw them wide eyes.

I let out a smirk and turned around and blew them a flying a kiss, I landed safely at the ground with silent thud. I waited for them while playing the ring that Kyoya gave to me. Once that they were all standing on the ground Kyoya went up to me and flicked my forehead "itai! What was that for Kyoya! " I yell while pouting, "that's for making me worried usagi " he answered back, I noticed the hidden concern on his voice.

I smiled and said "sorry for worrying " and he just sigh. "Welcome Decimo and gang, we heard that your here to have your short vacation " one of the Butler said, my brother just let out an annoyed 'tch' not understanding on what he is saying, before reborn could say something, I beat him to it. "Thank you for picking us up, may I kindly know your name? " I asked kindly while smiling, he smiled back and motioned us to follow him before we could follow him he said " well my name is Alfredo, Decimo's brother, I'm quite surprise that you could understand and you could speak in Italian " I let out a chuckle.

Reborn's P.O.V

I'm quite surprised that Tsunayoshi could speak Italian more frequently than his useless brother. I only watched Tsunayoshi talking casually to the head butler tilting my fedora to hide my impressed look to him " Haha I already know how to speak Italian ever since I was little, you could say that I love to read books and stuff " he replied smiling.

Alfredo only chuckled and ushered us inside the limousine and started to drove our way to the Mansion. "Oy Dame-Tsuna! How the hell could you understand what he is saying?!" My idiotic student yelled in anger, Tsunayoshi only stared at him in a boring way, "none of your business " he replied back and leans forward to the prefect it self.

"Juudaime is so clever" I heard Hayato said, we've arrives at the mansion and we were greeted by a lot of maids. " Oy! Dame-Tsuna Carry my bags and stop being useless for once" Baka-Yo ordered to his brother while smiling smugly I could see by the corner of my eyes that some of the maids and Butlers and frowning at the boys attics.

Tsuna looked at him with an 'Are-you-fucking-kidding-me' look, he was about to leave with the Demon prefect until my foolish grab Tsunayoshi's arm, "Oy! let go of Juudaime you damn fake!" Hayato shouted and I could see that Yamamoto's hands is twitching ready to attack my idiotic student, before I could do anything I already sense a massive KI from the demon itself.

"Herbivore, let him go or I'll bite you to death!!" he threaten while holding his tonfas, I could see the fear that shown on his eyes. He let go of Tsuna and back up a bit, before things could get a little bit intense, I step forward and said " grab your things and proceed to your rooms" and with that all of them left.

Tsuna's P.O.V

Kyoya and I went to our room and I'm quite impressed, I love the style. It's already been half an hour and dinner doesn't start until it's 7:00, and I'm already bored as hell! My lover is taking his nap on our bed until an naughty prank came to my mind as I smiled mischievously...

I silently walk towards the door and locked it so that no one can come inside. I already know that this room is a Sound proof room and with that I slowly took my shirt off..

'Time to bring his inner demonic self out'


I silently crept on our bed without waking him up once that I'm on top of him, I started to lick his neck from the corner of my eyes I could see that he's already awake because of the warm feeling of my tongue, "Usagi, what are you doing?" he ask but i ignore him and continued to lick his neck, he silently groan making me a little bit turned on..

I slowly went down and started to kissed his collar bone, " Usagi, you better stop this or I won't change my mind to ravish your body and take your innocence" he said trying to wan me but me being stubborn ignore him and bit his neck leaving a few mark, "Okay! that's it!" and with that he flip us changing our position and now I'm on the bottom and his on the top...

His face came closing to my face, closing our distance until he finally kissed my, I moaned in delight making him groan, he lick my bottom lips asking for entranced and I decided to teased him by not letting him in, he let out a grunt and he pushed knee between my legs and i let out a gasp and taking that as an opportunity he slid his tongue inside of my mouth.

We let out tongues fighting for dominance but in the end I lost. He kept kissing me as I didn't noticed his hands going under my pants, I broke our kissed and started to moan from his touch,
"K-Kyoya.." I whimpered, he let out a predatory growl as he started to attacked my neck kissing it and biting it leaving a lot of marks.

He started to pull my shorts off and once I'm completely naked, he touch my member and began stroking it, I moaned softly trying to fight back my moan. He stared at me for a few seconds as he let out a seductive smirk making me turned on even more. "Usagi, you're being bad today" he whispered through my ears.

I whimpered slightly while looking straight to his eyes. "K-Kyoya..Please.. stop teasing me" I beg tearing slightly.. 'I guess, this was a bad Idea after all' I thought.
Before he could continue some one knocked on our door making him stop on what he is doing, he got up and whispered to my ears " we'll continue this later on Usagi" and with that I Blushed furiously as I pick all my clothes up and ran to the bath room..

'Damn you Kyoya!'



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