Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

(Cross in Damien's Playroom-------->)

 I stepped off the elevator and into the hallway and I looked for the number of the Damien's condo he had given me instructions to when we had spoken over the phone this morning. My nerves were slowly getting the better of me as I wiped my sweaty palms on the sides of my jeans. Ever since that night in the club I couldn't stop thinking about him, his mesmerizing eyes willing me to do anything he commanded and just the thought of Gavin's magical mouth gave me an instant hard on.

Above all else, I was slightly embarrassed that I had given in so quickly and jumped into the unknown so fast. I didn't understand it and therefore I was unable to talk about it. I've been avoiding both my sister and Corey like the plaque. My only hope was to call Damien this morning and ask him if I could talk to him. I just needed to understand this whole situation I've suddenly found myself in and Corey was on cloud nine right now with Marcus and Bethany isn't a guy.

 I found the number on the door I was looking for in the swanky building. I took a deep breath and raised my hand and pushed the little glowing button to the side of the immaculate door frame. After a single moment the panel swung open and I locked gazes with a set of stunning aquamarine eyes. Damien stood there smirking so sexily at me. My hungry eyes roamed his perfect body from head to toe. He was wearing only a very well worn pair of loose fitting jeans. His muscular chest and perfect abs were on a stunning display of tanned and toned skin. "Come." He commanded as he stepped way and waved me into his condo. I bolstered my courage and took the required steps into his home.

 He closed the door behind me and led me into the living room. I took a moment to glance around my surroundings and I liked it. Although everything was black, the leather sofas, the center table, and even the huge rug covering the glossy hard wood floor in the seating area. I sat down and glanced the one of the largest flat panel TV's I ever seen mounted on the wall across from where I was seated. There were several kind of gaming systems hooked up as well. The place was spotless with an assortment of fresh flowers and multicolored pillows to add color.

 Damien sat back in the sofa opposite of me and quietly assessed me with his amazing eyes. After a slight moment he asked. "So Joseph, as per our discussion this morning, you are basically a virgin to this lifestyle as well as being with another man, am I correct?"

 "Yes, I have been struggling with my sexuality for a while. I dated women and I have had sex with some of them, but I have always felt unfulfilled and when I realized I was checking out men more than women I had inkling. It wasn't until I had convinced myself that I had feelings for my best friend and that said best friend got a boyfriend did it dawn on me I was gay. I came to terms with it the other night, then to add to the mix Corey, the best friend, introduced me to the upper levels of the club and I met you and Gavin." I explained and a blush crept over my cheeks at the last part because Damien was fully aware of what happened after we met.

 "So you are saying that you have reconciled to be and out and proud bisexual man or are you still unsure and will remain in the closet?" Damien asked me with a glint in his eye like he was weighing something depending on my answer.

 "I am bisexual, I don't see anything wrong with that. I am what I am and proud of it. The only thing that has me a little disturbed is you." I whispered tearing my eyes away from his enigmatic ones.

 He got up from his seat and came over and casually sat very close next to me. He leaned over and his warm breath brushed the side of neck as he quietly asked. "What about me disturbs you?"

 I gulped at his proximity but I gathered myself and replied. "My response to you, your voice, your while persona, even your body compels me to obey whatever you say and how I should feel. It scares me." 

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