"Uh, thanks." I said awkwardly, scrunching my face. Compliments are weird. "So uh, I've got to go to work in like half an hour, but I can give you a lift somewhere if you need me to." 

Liam stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at me, seeming conflicted.

"I don't know, I can't very well go back to my house, and I'm afraid if I show up at my dad's building he'll get security to kick me out. I'm sort of just...stuck." He kicked at the floor, frustrated. 

I pursed my lips, thinking of how I could help him. 

"Well how about you go to work with me and we can get Tanya to come to the restaurant, maybe she'll know what to do." I suggested.

Liam thought for a moment, rubbing his jawline with his index finger. Fuck he was so hot.

"Yeah that might work. But I haven't exactly had a shower, and I don't have any other clothes." He said, looking down at his attire from last night.

Who says you need clothes?

"I still have thirty minutes before I have to be at work, you can take a quick shower here. And I have a pair of big sweats and some men's tshirts you could wear."

Liam quirked his eyebrow at me. "Why do you have men's clothes?"

I rolled my eyes at his insinuation. "It's not what you think, I buy guy's sweats and shirts because they're comfortable to sleep in."

He just laughed, nodding his head. "You're a strange one, Carter Renee. But yeah, I would appreciate that."

"Well the bathroom is connected to my room, which is this way." I motioned for him to follow me, leading him towards my room. "Uh so the bathroom is right there, and I'll find some clothes for you and leave them out here for you to change into." I said awkwardly, rubbing my arms and looking away. This was weird. 

"Cool, thanks." Liam replied, beaming at me. I just nodded and turned to my chest of drawers to find some sweats and shirt for him, but then felt his hand gently grab my arm and turn me back to face him. "Oh and by the way," he said, leaning his face down to mine. "Good morning."

With that, he gently placed his lips on mine. I was stunned, but kissed him back for the brief second he allowed. When he pulled away grinning, I'm sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights because he just chuckled and turned and went into my bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. A smile followed soon after and I lightly laughed to myself, biting my lip.

Oh for fuck's sake Carter you're acting like a teenager.

You know what I'm happy so fuck you! I yelled back at my subconscious, going back to finding Liam something to wear. 

I managed to find my biggest pair of sweatpants and a large black hoody that I ordered from some website a couple months ago and never sent back even though it was way too big for me. The shoes he had worn last night weren't too terribly fancy, hopefully they wouldn't look weird with this. I placed the clothes on my bed and walked out, closing the door behind me just as I heard the shower start running.

Oh god I could just imagine what he looked like in the shower. Water running over his fucking perfectly sculpted body, muscles rippling and -

Holy shit. I thought to myself. This is what it feels like to be turned on.

Gathering myself together I walked out of the hallway and into the living room, plopping down onto my couch and doing my best not to think about that again. I mean my gosh we just started this whole being friendly and open with each other, it's not like we're dating. Sure he kissed me and I liked it, but that doesn't mean we're in a relationship, so I shouldn't be thinking those things. I'm not a virgin, but it's also been three years since I've had sex. Not to mention my first time was awkward and weird and not that enjoyable for Harry nor myself to be honest. Nothing to worry about though, Liam and I will not be having sex anytime soon.

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