Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

(The ring placed on Corey---->)

I walked into the cafe around the corner from work, as I stepped through the entrance I was suddenly tackled and in a tangle of arms and legs I hit the ground and looked up into Gavin's excited face. 

 "Coooreeyyyy.....hey." He sang out as he jumped up and yanked me to my feet. 

 "Hey Gavin." I replied smiling at his antics. He was bobbing up and down on his heels like he couldn't stand still. At the club with Damien he was so calm, I would bet any amount of money if Damien was here he would be.

 "Come on, food, my tummy is hungry." He whined as he dragged me to the counter to place our order.

 I just smiled and indulged him; his happy excited mood was infectious. We ordered our food and sat at one of the tables outside. "So Gavin, what's up? I was surprised when you invited me to lunch."

 Gavin shrugged as he tore into his sandwich. His cheeks looked like a chipmunk hiding nuts, it never ceased to amaze me that someone whom seemed as serious as Damien was so attracted to Gavin and all his craziness, but the more I thought about the more I can see it. Damien was his anchor, his calming balm. I hadn't caught up with Joe yet to grill him about the other night and Marcus has been keeping me busy.

 Gavin picked up his drink and washed down the last of the sandwich that he literally just inhaled. He placed the cup back on the table and he replied. "I wanted us to get to know one another better away from the club, I have never seen Marcus act the way as he does with you and I like that, he was the one to take me off the streets and introduced me to Damien. I also wanted to know more about Joe, he is hot." 

 If my eyebrows got any higher they would’ve disappeared into my hair. Gavin had a story and I wanted to hear it, he seemed like a nice person but I have to talk to Joe before talking freely about him to someone I barely knew. "I would love to get to know you but in regards to Joe I would have to talk to him first." I explained to him as I finished my food.

 "I understand, we should get together one evening us and our guys for dinner. I like that Marcus isn't such a cold fish anymore since he met you." He said as he bounced in his seat.

 I picked up our trash and placed it in the trash can. He skipped along beside me as we made our way back up the sidewalk to my job. He babbled on about himself and I listened. Gavin was mass of contradictions. He was actually very intelligent but he hasn't found his niche yet. I also discovered that he was very much into art as well and that he played several different musical instruments. We got back to the building and Gavin jumped on me yet again and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "See you later, Coorreeyy." He sang.

 "Fuckin' Fags!!!!" Someone snarled. We both turned around and I saw Kim's nasty ass standing there glaring at us. I just rolled my eyes and ignored her as usual but Gavin had other ideas. He let go of me and rolled his neck and snapped his fingers in her face.

 "Phfft, you skanky looking bitch, who you think you talkin' to, you just a jealous bitch that you can't reach this level of awesomeness without getting fake ass boobs and bottle bleaching your dry ass blond hair and dressing like a trick on the corner. Be gone before your STDs infect us." He said as he held his nose like he smelled something foul. I was almost on the ground I was laughing so hard at the look of complete shock on her red face. She opened her mouth to say something but the spiral doors swung open and Marcus stepped onto the sidewalk followed by Bethany and a few other people wearing suits. I turned my head and I finally noticed that Daryl was waiting on the curb in front of the limo smiling at the scene he just witnessed as well.

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