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"So, how is school going for you kiddo's?" Trey asked my brother and I as we sat around the dinner table.

My mom had to answer a phone call and excused herself from the table so it was now very awkward.

"Ok I guess." Chris shrugged as he picked at his green beans.

I also shrugged. I try to avoid speaking to Trey as best as I can. He just gives me this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I try to push it aside because I'm still upset over my mom having a boyfriend.

That has to be the reason... right?

"Yes sir, and I promise to make sure every detail will perfect. Don't worry. Your wedding will be spectacular!" My mom yipped as she entered the kitchen with the phone to her ear.

She hung it up and sat it down on the counter and did a little twirl of happiness to the dining room table.

"Well you're in a 10 times happier mood babe, what happened?" Trey smiled.

Could he not call my mom babe? I could have threw up in my mouth just then!

"Im baking and designing a wedding cake this weekend!" My mom cheered.

"Nice." I smiled as I cut up pieces of my baked chicken.

My mom is a really good cook, but loves baking even better so whenever she gets to be in charge of any types of cakes, her happiness soars.

"I'm happy for you!" Troy patted her hand.

Chris didn't even acknowledge it and had his phone out.

"How's your ankle doing?" Trey suddenly asked me.

I awkwardly looked up. I had a mouthful of mashed potatoes and hurriedly swallowed them down.

"Good I guess. I've had better days. I think I forgot to take a pain pill though." I realized.

"Oh honey you should never forget that!" My mom said.

"I know, I know." I finished up my food, and put my plate away. "I'm just going to take one now."

I checked the time and it was almost 7 pm.

"Goodnight everyone." I smiled and limped upstairs.

"You need some help Cait?" I heard Trey ask.

"No thank you." I politely answered.

Then muttered, "not from you anyway." And continued huffing and puffing up the stairs.


I couldn't stop moving in my sleep. I was having the weirdest dreams. All including Brad, or Dillon. Sometimes even my Dad.

I couldn't explain them, but they were weird.

Especially the ones with Dillon...

Did I just hear a noise?

I sat up in my bed. I couldn't see a thing. It was very very dark in my room. The curtain was only showing faint moonlight and all I could hear were crickets.

Okay so I'm going crazy.

It was 1:34 am.

Go to sleep Cait. You're clearly just tired.

Unknown P.O.V

She was so beautiful. She slept so... peacefully. I could just watch her all night. I wanted to touch her. Her soft tan skin...

What was I doing? Why couldn't I leave?

I took a step closer and watched her chest rise and fall as she slept. Her brown wavy hair a beautiful mess around her face.

Her lips were slightly opened as she snored ever so lightly. So... elegantly. Was that the word?

She shifted a little and turned on her back and my heart sunk as I couldn't see her face.

I needed to touch her. To wake her up and tell her I thought she was the most beautiful girl.

Since the first time I saw her I wanted her to be mine. To wrap her in my arms and kiss her.

Im going to regret this.


This cliffhanger though! So, who do you think is watching Cait while she sleeps...? Comment your guesses. I'll be updating soon 😊

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