Chapter 2: Dinner Party with an Uninvited Guest

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^^ What Zoe would sort of look like in my head up above. The photo belongs to its rightful owner. ^^

Waking up, I stretched and yawned before pushing my hair out of my face that fell out of my ponytail. I sat up and looked over at the empty spot on the bed next to me. Every morning Jack went to work, I would always question if he left for work or left for my own good. The idea made me happy at first, but then I thought about what it would be like to live on my own and without the boyfriend I have been dating for almost three years now.

It honestly made me scared. Never once in my life have I lived by myself, let alone when I needed protection. I never once thought I needed a bodyguard, and finding out that I was targeted by a group of pervs for a simple reason of being a child to the first opposite sex match, made me unsettled. I honestly was hoping to get a bodyguard that would get along with me and stay by my side, not only for my protection from The Nameless, but for protection from Jack. It would give an excuse as to why he couldn't treat me like a toy to throw around.

A tear fell with hope that I would have a new friend to protect me from this surreal event before I wiped it away and got up to make myself breakfast.

The day went by at the normal rate and before I knew it, I had an hour and a half to get ready and be there. Cursing under my breath at the TV for distracting me, I went into my bedroom to get ready. I knew this was going to be a big party and it was very formal so I decided to put a whole face of makeup on to cover the mark on my cheek, including black winged eyeliner to show off my bright blue eyes with fake eyelashes and red lipstick to show off my white teeth.

I split my hair, taking the upper half and put them into french braids that went along my scalp and met in the middle of the back of my head, stopping the braid there, and tying the remaining untouched hair together. I then quickly curled all of my thick, mostly brown, ombré hair including the strand in the middle of my head that got tied together. To top it off, I added eight gemstone flowers into the braids to make my hair look more formal.

I smiled at how good I looked in the mirror, like the most beautiful I could get for the rest of my life. I walked over and opened up my closet to reveal most of my casual clothes and a few formal dresses in the back that I didn't wear that often.

I hummed for a while, scanning them over and fighting the urge to bite my bottom lip without getting red lipstick all over my teeth. After a moment, I decided on one that seemed perfect for the dinner party. It was a cream colored dress that came to my mid thigh. The bottom part frilled out a little but not too much for me to look like a fairy or something. The sleeves covered my whole arms, hiding the bruises around my wrists and were a tinted clear lace that had black flowers sewn into it. A black lace belt went around my waist, making me have a bit more of a curve. The black flowers covered my chest and trailed down below the waist belt, fading off to leave the skirt the plain but elegant looking cream color with the black tinted clear lace covering it with no flowers.

I decided on cream, open toed five inch heels that had a strip of sparkly cloth down my foot that attached to the strap around my ankle and where my toes revealed to be painted black. Looking in the mirror at myself, I smiled in confidence at how good I looked. The party started in thirty minutes and was a few blocks down the road. So I decided to leave before Jack got home to see me looking like this and forced himself upon me like he usually did when I got ready for special events. Even if I wasn't in the mood, he did it anyways and would tell me it was out of love when I knew for a fact that was not 'love'.

That was just him being an asshole and treating me like a slave that he could do whatever he wanted with. Apparently that's what a relationship is and that just made me hurt, but mostly angry.

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