Friends, I give you, the very last chapter of Bound....


Harry’s POV:

          January 7th, 2014. At 4:39 p.m., my first daughter Klara Darcy Styles was born. Two minutes later, at 4:41 p.m., my second daughter Leah Lavender Styles was born. They were, by far, the most beautiful little things I had ever laid eyes on.

          I had to hand it to Kelsey – she did one heck of a job. By the looks of it, the whole giving birth thing was pretty easy for her. When she was getting ready, they had brought up a curtain to cover Kelsey’s lower half as I stood by her side, holding onto her left hand as Gemma held on to her right. Mum hadn’t gotten here on time until right after Leah was born, so we brought Gemma in instead.

          Kelsey let a few tears out here and there as she pushed, but I was surprised when she only let out two or three yells. They weren’t even yells, really, more like groans. But either way, she did amazing and I was incredibly proud of her for being able to literally push through this.

          The boys were all waiting outside with Mum and Robin, including my dad, Des, who Gemma had quickly called up. Dr. Webs had delivered the babies, wiping them off before gently giving Leah to me and Klara to Gemma. Kelsey laid in bed, panting slightly as I walked over to her, glancing down at the baby in my arms.

          Both of the little girls had Kelsey’s blue eyes and tiny little blonde hairs that covered their small heads. They were absolutely perfect and gorgeous. As Kelsey held Leah, a smile making its way on to her face, Dr. Webs slowly let in Mum, Dad, and Robin as they awed over the babies.

          “What did you name them?” Dad asks, smiling down at Klara who was being held by Mum.

          “That’s Klara Darcy Styles,” I smile, motioning over to her before looking down at Leah. “And that’s Leah Lavender Styles.”

          “Klara?” Mum smiles, looking at Kelsey. “You named her after your mum?” Kelsey smiles a soft smile, nodding. “They’re beautiful.”

          My parents then exit the room as the boys walk in, hushed whispers being exchanged until they are silenced by the presence of the babies. Zayn takes Klara from Gemma as the boys surround him, gawking at the baby.

          “Don’t give her to Niall,” Gemma giggles as Liam holds her, “he doesn’t know how to hold babies.”

          Everyone laughed as Niall pouted before being taken away by the baby once more as Louis went over to look at Leah. A while later, a nurse tells the everyone except for me go leave because Kelsey needed her rest, and just before they did, Kelsey nudged me from where she lay and I looked towards the door to see Louis being the last to leave.

          “Louis,” I say, walking around Kelsey’s hospital bed and towards my mate. “We need to talk to you.”

          He turns and nods, shutting the door before stepping back in. “What’s up?” he asks, blue eyes darting from Kelsey to me.

          I look at Kelsey, who smiles and nods before I look back at Louis. “Kelsey and I had been talking and we decided that we’d like you to be the girls’ Godfather.”

          Louis’s eyes widened at the news, looking at Kelsey and then at me. “Are you guys serious?” he asks, excitement bubbling up in his voice.

          “A hundred and fifty percent,” Kelsey smiles from the bed as she sat up a bit. “You’re Harry’s best friend, it only seems right.”

          Louis grins in response and tackles me in a hug as I laugh and hug him back. “Thank you!” he exclaims before running towards the bed and bending down to hug Kelsey. “Seriously; this is amazing.”

          “No problem, mate,” I smile as he walks towards the door.

          “I’m gonna let you two rest,” he smiles as he opens the door, “thanks again, both of you. It really does mean a lot.”

          I smiled as he shut the door, before turning to look at Kelsey, who was looking at the cribs next to her in which the babies had fallen asleep in. Walking over, I bent down and pressed a kiss to Kelsey’s forehead. “Get some sleep,” I told her softly, “you’re worn out.”

          Kelsey chuckles breathily, burying herself in the hospital bed as she pulls the sheets over her body as I sit down in the chair next to the cribs. “Night,” she mumbles before drifting off into a sleep almost immediately.

          I then stand up from my chair, hovering over the cribs as I look down at the little girls. My little girls. They were adorable beyond words as they slept peacefully, their tiny bodies moving up and down as they breathed. The smile couldn’t be wiped off of my face as I looked at my daughters and then at Kelsey; all three of them sleeping and healthy.

          The hospital room door opened and in stepped my mum who gently and quietly shut the door behind her. I looked over as she walked in my direction, giving me a smile as she looked at Kelsey.

          “She’s quite a warrior,” Mum smiles. “Just like her mother, really.”

          I smile. “I know,” I say quietly as Kelsey stirred a little, moving a bit but not too much so that it wouldn’t stretch the IV tube that was hooked up to her.

          Mum then hugged me sideways, my arm wrapping around her as I pulled her into my side. “You did well, Harry,” she smiles, looking at Klara and Leah. “You’ve got a wonderful career, a beautiful wife, and two gorgeous little girls. You’ve grown up to be a perfect gentleman.” She pulls away, looking up at me with slightly teary and red eyes. “What more could a mother ask for?”

          “Come on, Mum,” I chuckle slightly as she wipes her eyes, “don’t cry.”

          “I’m sorry,” she says, laughing a bit sheepishly. “It’s just amazing, you know? You’ve accomplished so much, and you’re not even twenty yet. Normally, mothers don’t want their son to be a teen father but I’m so proud of you.”

          I couldn’t help but smile at my mother’s emotional state, hugging her properly this time. “Thank you, Mum,” I whisper. “It’s all because of you, you know? You, like, introduced Kelsey and I and it’s because of you that I was stuck with her and learned to, like, fall in love with her,” I explain to her, smiling. “It was the best thing you have ever done for me, so thank you.”

          And I meant every word. If my mother hadn’t introduced Kelsey and I, if she hadn’t forced this marriage upon us, I wouldn’t have had to learn the actual adventure of falling in love with someone. All the days I spent with Kelsey; since before her mother died till now, they were utterly magical. In a year, I had gotten married, fallen in love, and was blessed with two gorgeous daughters – all in that order. And looking back at it now, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.


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