Ch 24 - Kicking off the Weekend

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Rhianna smiled and waved as Gretch, Jenny, and Raisen disentangled themselves from seat belts and bailed out of the green Subaru.

Gretch bounced, already full of more energy than Rhianna had experienced in her entire life. The energy infected Jenny and Raisen, making them jittery. Even Rhianna felt ball of giddiness high up in her stomach.

Her problems were piling up. But having her friends over, for a whole weekend this time, seemed to wash away all her worries about mom, Boscoe, school.

The latest problem, according to Teasel, was that Rhianna's thoughts had gone quite. But Rhianna was perfectly happy not worrying who was listening in on her thoughts anymore, and Kasubia wasn't talking anymore either.

It wasn't that she couldn't hear Kasubia if the horse wanted to speak to her. Teasel put her through a series of tests and when he spoke into her mind, she could hear him just like she had Kasubia.

He tried to get her to learn how to push her thoughts out so she could call out for him if she needed him. Especially after spying Boscoe when Sheriff Sampson had taken him back to town. But Rhianna didn't put a lot of effort into the lessons.

Besides being a weird "super power" lesson that she had trouble taking seriously, deliberately pushing her thoughts outside of her skull seemed alien to her. She had spent her whole life guarding against others seeing through her walls.

He'd taken to showing up at her window once a day since then, but he never stayed long, and Gran had made herself busy with "meetings" in town.

Rhianna had been thoroughly enjoying the solitude, but as her friends hugged her and squealed with excitement she found tears pricking her eyes.

"I missed you guys." Rhianna said the words out loud more out of surprise than to convey her feelings.

"We missed you too, way out here in the boonies," said Gretch. "Where is the book? I have to see it!"

"Whoa. Nice to see you too."

"She has been on about that book all week. Don't take it personally." Jenny slung her back pack over one shoulder and an enormous duffle bag over the other. "Come on let's put this stuff away. I way over packed."

Raisen hid her smile behind her hand. "Do you want some help with that Jenny?"

"Nope. I packed it. I have to deal with the consequences." Jenny was a slight creature, with long thin limbs, in the middle of a growth spurt. She may have even grown an inch since Rhianna last saw her. She'd also changed her hair color to blue since then. She waddled up the porch steps, looking like a blue heron grappling a pig.

Gretch and Raisen grinned at each other and followed.

Once their bags were piled in a corner of Rhianna's room she got the book out.

Gretch accepted it into her arms and stroked the cracked brown cover. Tracing the gilded letters, A Historie of Fare Folk, she sat on the bed. Mesmerized.

"Ok. She is going to be at that for a while." Jenny pulled her blue hair back into a ponytail, off her neck, which was as long and graceful as the rest of her. "Can we go see Kasubia again?"

Raisen, like a small brown mouse standing next to her Jenny, nodded at her friend's assessment of the situation. Gretch was carefully opening to the first page, as though moving too fast would make the book disappear.

"Kasubia has been in a bad mood lately. Best to leave her alone. But you can help me with some of my other chores."

It was still a few hours until dinner. They left Gretch enraptured by her studies and Rhianna took them on a tour of the chicken coop, goat house, and the 3 sided shelter for the sheep. Jessie the collie followed them and made particularly good friends with Raisen when he wasn't reminding his flocks who was boss.

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