It Was Only A Kiss

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It started with a song, a ironic one at that, one that went a little like:


screwing in moderation

screwing is such a bore

none of my time is wasted

I do that shit on tour

oh yeah

all right

oh yeah

oh yeah

I wanna make some babies

I wanna get it on

I wanna make you horny

but I can't get it up

I wanna make some money

but I don't want no job

I wanna make you horny

but I can't get it up...

It was at this point of the song when it happened, something we didn't me for it too happen, but it did. Something that shouldn't happen between long time friends. Or straight friends at that.

We kissed, we liked it and all because of a silly song.

Did I happen to mention we're both boys? No? Well we are and for some reason, the fact that we're both guys didn't seem to bother us. I don't even think I cared, that I was kissing one if my closest male friend...


Jamie and I were sitting on the floor, in one of our best girl friends room- she was gone out to get us more junk food- whilst we listen to music, playing with a deck of cards and smoking cigarettes.

"What song next Jamie?" I asked as the last song I played ended. He looked up at me and held up a CD he pulled out from his jacket pocket.

"Why don't you put this on, instead of the stuff Marys' got us listenin' too?" I sauntered over to where Jamie was sitting and swiped the CD from his brawny hands. I looked at the the disk, for any album art to figure out the type of music it would be. Unfortunately for me it was a mix CD.

"What number do you want me to play?"

"Doesn't matter, the songs are better then that country music. Trust me!" I chuckled and went ahead and put the disk on for him, before Mary got back home. She just hates when we change her precious country music.

"I can assure you, you'll like this CD, Sam." he assured me as I hit the disk number, waving him off as if too say, "Okay! Okay"

I went back to where Jamie was siting to finish playing our card game. Crossed my legs and sat down. Pulling out a much need cigarette, I lit it and inhaled it like it was oxygen and exhaled like I was a fire breathing dragon.

Some of the music that played I haven't heard in years and some I haven't heard of 'til tonight. In other words I like did like Jamie's CD.

The card game we've been playing for the past fifteen minutes, seemed to be dragging on, but on the bright side the music was good. We decided set the cards aside - until Mary came back - too talk about everything, anything, the good times and the bad, the "old" days and when that CD stopped we start it over.

It was about the fourth time we played the CD over and Mary was still missing in action with our junk food (she must have met up with someone on the way.) And we were still reminiscing about the good times we had when we were kids.

When the CD made it to the funny but awesome song - that was number three - was when something different happened.

At first we stopped talking when the song came on, I thought it was because we really liked listening too it, but then when Jamie leaned in I did the same - still not saying a thing. One half of me kind of hoped he was about to tell me some sort of secret but the other half wanted him to finish leaning in. When the song got to the middle, I decided I wasn't going to wait for Jamie to finish his move- so I kissed him.

When I did, I thought he would either leave the room 'til Mary got back or kiss back and I thanked Dave Mustaine he did. Even though Dave Mustaine isn't gay, I still had to thank him, for he was the lead vocals of my favourite band.

Our kissing lasted ten minutes, it would have moved on to other things but had to stop do to the fact that Mary was on her way upstairs. How do we know you might ask? Well it might have been the shopping bags rustling or the tap of her feet going up the stairs. We hurried to put her country songs back on and got those playing card back in hand.

Mary finally walks in her room , with two bags of the requested junk food we inquired about nearly two hours ago. To find Jamie and I in the same places we were when she left.

"So what did y'all do while I was away?" she asks in her deep southern accent.

Jamie and I looked at each other and smiled, "Oh nothing." we said at the same time.

After that night, Jamie and I some how became make-out buddies, nothing more then that though.

Thank Dave Mustaine it was only a kiss!

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