Chapter One

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The Billionaire Fantasy

Bad Boy Billionaire Brother's Book 2

By Mandy Rosko

Chapter One

Jane Todd ignored last weeks dishes inner sink, again. She didn't have time to get them done if she wanted to meet her deadline. It was getting to the point that she was just washing one plate and fork at a time whenever she needed something out of the pile, or she wasted what little money she did have on take out.

It was noon. The landlord would be on his coffee break and she could sneak away, get to the coffee shop, and use their Internet.

He packed up her most prized possession, her laptop, the cord, and her notebook and pens.

They were the good kinds of pens. The ones with the nice, flow ink so her wrist didn't get sore.

She grabbed one of the books she'd been reading for inspiration off the shelf, careful not to disturb the small mountain of papers, rent notices, opened and unopened envelope of bills on the floor and her couch, then stuffed everything she needed into her laptop bag and strung it over her shoulder as if it was a purse.

She wished she could just use a proper purse, but that would be carrying way too much stuff around.

She looked to the TV. It was off, but still a decent model. She'd tried selling it, but used TVs were hard to sell, apparently. She hadn't known that until she'd turned off her cable, even going so far as to cancel her Netflix account, and it wasn't as if she played games on the thing.

Hopefully, when she got to the cafe, there would be a message in her inbox offering her some cash for the thing.

She had to use the Internet at the cafe where she worked. She'd had to shut off her Internet, too.

Ever since her best friend, Isla, moved in with the love of her life, Arturo Calendri, Jane had been having just a touch of trouble keeping up with her payments, and finding a roommate who wouldn't steal Jane's food, clothes, and pay rent on time.

"Keys, where are my keys," she muttered, looking around the mess that had become her apartment.

He picked up another notebook off the floor, checking beneath it, searching through the clothes in the corner, before finally finding her apartment keys under the couch.

How did they always get into the weirdest spots?

She opened the door to her apartment, hearing the drop of papers that had been stuffed into the crack of the door when she'd been ignoring the heavy knocks.

No one was out there, so Jane picked up those papers, glancing briefly at their notices, and tossed them onto the coffee table with the rest of her notes and bills.

She turned out the lights and left, rushing to the elevator.

Jane made it downstairs and out the door without notice.

That was good. Guilt briefly lanced her in the chest, but she was willing to deal with that later. The bus was coming.

Jane ran to the stop just as an older lady was getting on with her walker. Jane swore the only reason why she caught the damned bus was because of that older woman who needed help getting on.

Small miracles.

Jane sighed, using her bus pass which was only good for another three days before it needed to be replaced, and she didn't have the cash for another one.

Whatever, it was fine. She was going to be fine, she just needed to get to the cafe, check her emails, hope for the best, and then when she did her shift for the night she might have enough cash in her pocket to get a few daily bus passes.

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