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Hey, guys, thanks for reading it means so much to me and I would like to remind you that I don't own the charters/setting in this story they belong to J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan.  


I kicked the iron door for the millionth time and let out an unflattering yell, gods why now, why after everything that has happened why must the fates drag me-no us, all of us into this mess, what did I do wrong? What did we do wrong? Why do these things keep happening to me!
"Let me go you jerks I swear I will-" I was cut off by a light faintly glowing from the end of a long corridor,
"Shut it will 'ya" a voice called, nope.
"Let me go you jerk, where is Percy why are you keeping me here w-" the Window of my cell smashed and a strange group of people jumped down, or should I say ghosts.
"Hello Annabeth, I'm Lily," (is this the correct spelling?....) I tried to smile but it turned into a grimace at the reminders of monsters immediately knowing my name,
"And I'm James...we, well we need to tell you something," I nodded my head at the silver beings, 
"When you reach Hogwarts," if I do. "You'll find that there aren't as many students as there are rooms or the fact that the Older students don't smile as brightly as they should." Well, war does that.
"And we want you and your friends to save Hogwarts, the young witches and Wizards aren't strong enough to get better by themselves and it's making a great rift between the spirits," I nodded giving them a brave, yet fake, smile.
"We'll try, I can't say that the twelve of us will make a large difference but we'll try, if not for Hogwarts than for ourselves," Lily smiled,
"That is all we asked for, good luck Annabeth, you may need it," With that, they left me in a hollow room and whispers coming from above me.


I walked over towards Ron my feet ached from walking and my throat felt dry but I noticed how the Royals, even now, seemed distracted. Like not having Annabeth here was the same as losing a limb,
"What is It?" Calypso sounded uneasy, I kept on noticing how everyone would give her an encouraging smile each time she spoke, another question that won't shove a straight forward answer. "There's a box, in the plants, come look," We all crowded around, the dark object glowed a faint purple and seemed to radiate evil,
"Umm guys that has the mechanics of a... well honestly, I haven't seen anything like it," Leo said his eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to find an answer, while Nico just muttered it's aura being something like, he finished the sentence under his breath in that bizarre language,
"Should we touch it or..." Percy looked around at all of us,
"I don't care what you guys do but I'm not touching that with a fifty-foot pole," Thalia spoke while walking away from us and back down the path,
"I'll carry it," Nico said sighing and picking the box up just before Ron and Harry could start fighting,  
"Don't get hurt Okay and if it gets heavy tell me," Will said sternly to the boy in black,
"Suture Will, whatever makes you happy," the Prince (A/N more like King.) Replied sarcastically,
"How they are even friends, let alone something more still amazes me," Hazel said to Piper who just smiled and wrapped her arm around the young girl,
"Do you think that she could be hurt in any way?" Percy asked his hands twitching,
"She'll be fine, she always is it's Annabeth," Frank said his voice stern and his eyes only looking at the path in front of him.
"But-" Reyna decided to cut in,
"Quit worrying about what might happen and focus on finding her for the Gods sake Percy!" Her outburst seemed uncharacteristic as all of the Royals suddenly fell into silence.

We arrived at a strange hut standing in the middle of the path, the Royals gave each other a sharp glance and Ginny slipped her hand into her back pocket where her wand sat.
"Let's go around stick to the trees," I muttered noting that the sun was almost set and as soon as we saw this place The box in Nico's hands began glow brighter than it did before. We all took a step to the right but before any of us could do anything, vines reached out and clung to our legs and arms and the box was forced out of Nico's hands.
"Why hello there, thought you'd come here and take my things did you?" A voice spoke behind us but when Jason tried to turn his head he just got a face full of vines.
"Good luck trying to see me, I'm quite hard to find,"

Mwhahahaha, I'm Evil! But I still want to thank you guys so much for all the support, I know it's been a while and keep on giving you cliffhangers (you can call me Rick) but you are always so supportive and I really do appreciate it.