Chapter 3

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"Come on Rose give me one more hit!" Nicholas yelled at his daughter. Rose was exhausted, she has been in training for a week now. "Dad I hate this" she whined, rose has been training more and dancing less and she didn't like it. "Emma Rose give me one more hit or I will make you run laps" her father said with authority.

"No!" Rose yelled at her father and ran out of the gym and upstairs even though her father was calling after her.

While Rose ran through the halls she accidentally bumped into Dimitri causing them both to fall. "Rose! Are you okay?" Dimitri ask her trying to help her up but she just pushed him away "leave me alone" she sobbed and ran to her room. She knew Dimitri was only trying to help but right now she didn't care. When she finally made it to her room she slam the door and went under her covers. Rose didn't like being told what to do especially being told that she can't do something that she loves. After a few hours a soft knock came from the other side of Roses door. "baby girl, can I come in?" her mom ask while peeking her head into the room. "Rose is not here" the child's response made her mom giggle " Oh dear, well that's too bad really. I guess I will have to eat these delicious chocolate chip cookies and milk all by myself" Lucia said and not a second later Rose pop her head from under her covers. "I'm here!" Rose called out while jumping on the bed. Lucia chuckled and went to sit on the bed while setting the cookies and milk on the night stand. Rose went to go sit by her mother. Lucia gave a cookie to Rose, "I love your cookies mom" Rose said "yes, I mean you deserve in award for training so hard" Lucia said making Rose stop chewing her cookie.

"I don't like it mom, dads always yelling and super mean" rose said letting a sob at the end. Rose new her father loved her but he didn't like it when he yells. "I know baby come here" Rose gratefully went into her mother's arms. Lucia started rocking back and forth while embracing the child. " Rose, sabes que tu papa te quiere mucho (you do know your father loves you very much)." rose simply nodded her head in response. Lucia and her baby girl talk about everything and anything. They were currently talking about how Mommy was going to talk to daddy about taking it easy with Rose. "Baby I will talk to your father, believe it or not he actually feels bad" rose felt guiltily "i need to say sorry for yelling at him... it's just I was so mad" Lucia understood her daughter she hated when Nicholas also was to bossy and over controlling and not in the good way.

Before Lucia can say anything a knock came from the door "come in" Rose said softly. Dimitri pop his head into the room "Well hello Dimitri" Lucia said to the little boy. Lucia has always loved Dimitri she always saw him as a son. "hi, I was just wondering if Rose was feeling better but if you're busy i can come back later" he said already backing away. Lucia shook her head "of course not mi niño (my boy), I was just leaving i have to help go make dinner" with that Lucia kissed Rose's cheek and walk to the door but not before patting Dimitri on the head. When Lucia finally left out the room, Dimitri look at Rose. However she wasn't looking at him, she was too ashamed to even look at him in the eye. She was so rude to him when he was only helping. After a moment of silence Dimitri walk up in front of her but even then she didn't look at him.

"Hey Rosie" he said softly "hey Dimitri" she said after a bit Dimitri surprises Rose by hugging her. "I'm sorry for being so mean" Rose whispered. it only caused Dimitri to chuckle "I wasn't mad rose i was more worried to even be mad" he said honestly. How could he ever be mad at her?. "I will never push you away again" rose said quietly " and I will never let you run away from me again" Dimitri said, all of the sudden rose pulled out her pinky and Dimitri knew she wanted to make this a promise and he didn't mind one bit.

Rose was currently finishing brushing her teeth when there was a knock at the door "come in" Rose yelled. Nicolas step in and look around his angels room. "Rose?" Nicholas called out that's when his little girl step out of the bathroom in her nightgown "hi daddy" she said quietly. She hadn't seen her dad since this evening when she yelled at him. She felt bad, Nicholas went to her and pick her up "aber mi princesa"  he sat down on her bed and sat her on his lap "Vamos hablar" (were going to talk) Rose only nodded looking down "Rose look at me" her father says and rose slowly looks up at him. He knew she was upset because her mother always looks down when worried or upset. "I'm very sorry mija" (daughter) Rose only smile "I'm sorry to daddy, I didn't mean to yell at you." Nicholas nodded understanding his daughter. He was hard on her "it's okay mi niña, I love you and that will never change". That made Rose smile go bigger. She wrapped her arms around her father's neck and hugged him. "I love you to, but can I have more dancing classes then training... please" she begged. He thought about it, " 3 days training and 4 days dancing classes?" Rose nodded happily agreeing and kissed her father on the cheek.  "alright baby girl, time for bed" Rose quickly went under her covers she rested her head on her pillow. "Buenas Noches" Rose whispered and Nicholas kissed her forehead "Buenas Noches mija".

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