Chapter 15

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Tatsuo sat in a western styled arm chair that faced a window; the dark abyss of the mountains stretched out beyond him as he slept, his hand resting under his cheek and supporting his head.

His blood red eyes opened as a smile stretched upon his face; a blade rested under his neck. "And here I thought we were starting to get along, Kazama-san" he drawled. 

Kazama's crimson eyes narrowed at Tatsuo. 

"Hmm" Kazama suddenly said with amusement, closing his eyes and withdrawing the blade from Tatsuo's neck. 

The jade haired man quirked an eyebrow at the blond. 

"I payed a visit to Asai"

Tatsuo immediately sat up straighter. "And?" he asked, barely controlling his cold and calm demeanor.  

"And" Kazama started, pointing the katana in line with Tatsuo's nose. "You have a lot of explaining to do. Give me a reason not to slit your throat right here and now" Kazama said lazily as Tatsuo frowned, his beautiful features furrowing slightly. "Quickly. Don't waste my time; I don't have all night to listen to your bull$hit" He pressed the tip of the blade on the bridge of Tatsuo's nose, drawing blood from the red eyed man's pale skin. 

A fierce scowl morphed onto Tatsuo's face and before Kazama could do anything,  a swift hand slapped the katana out of his hands and as he stood up. "I suggest, Kazama-san, that you don't test my patience. What happened with Rin? Did you get her with you?"

Kazama smirked at the scowling man, then with a single move, he was next to Tatsuo, his katana back in his hands; the blond man sheathed his katana, his smirk never faltering. "What makes you think I'm going to answer your questions? You're forgetting your place, Tatsuo."

Tatsuo let out a feral growl. A predatory noise for a predator. "Do not try to lecture me on forgetting my place, you bastard"

"I'll answer you if you answer my questions. Information for information, Tatsuo."

There was a long silence.

Tatsuo suddenly grinned; it was a terrifying expression with the all knowing glint in his eyes. "Looks like it was futile to try to get you on my side" he said as he turned away from Kazama, dismissing him. 

Kazama scowled at the jade haired man. "Then death it is-"

"But" Tatsuo cut Kazama off, much to the blonde man's annoyance. "I believe I do owe you a brief insight of what's happening"

Kazama clicked his tongue as Tatsuo walked to the window, gazing out of it. 

"As I recall, you're aware of the Oni Ketsugo between Rin and I" Tatsuo started. 

"Yes. Asai put one on you and his daughter to suppress both your abilities, or so you claim. However, your reputation isn't exactly trustworthy enough for anyone to simply believe what you say Yokai-"

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT" The jade haired man whipped around furiously, a promise of death written in his eyes. 

Kazama smiled as his eyes narrowed with triumph. "You're reaction has confirmed everything I doubted all these years....You smell different from the rest of us oni. You and Asai. While Asai smells more unique and powerful, you smell different. Amagiri came to a conclusion a while back. It was a fleeting comment but it crossed my mind when Asai pointed out your...lack of worthiness." Kazama stalked closer to Tatsuo, who was glaring at Kazama with the wrath of a thousand suns. "The Asai clan are revered for a reason; the clan is one of the most powerful oni clans to exist. They're the most unique and the most feared, yet hardly a few of them remain..." Kazama said trailing off. 

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