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      The next morning, Felicity wanted to stay in bed and never leave. What was the point? Remus Lupin fancied someone else. He wanted to be in a relationship with someone else. He was probably going to get married and have kids with someone else, and she would still be stuck pining after him like the moment she had first laid eyes on him.

      "You're being dramatic," Lanelle said as she brushed through her hair. Felicity opened an eye, for the other one was squished onto her pillow. "So Remus likes someone else. He isn't the only man in the world, you know. We could find you a new boy in no time."

      "I don't want a new boy," Felicity mumbled out with a sigh. "I've never wanted a new boy. It's always been Remus."

      When she woke up in the morning, it was Remus. When she went to bed, it was Remus. When she walked into Slughorn's classroom, it was Remus. Hell, when she brushed her teeth, it was still Remus. She knew people didn't understand (people read as Lanelle), but they didn't need to. In Felicity's mind, she understood.

      "C'mon, Flick," Lanelle said, and Felicity was too lazy to correct her. "Let's get up and get some breakfast."

      "Do you think Remus will be down there?"

      "I think it's a good possibility."

      "I've never wanted to go and not go somewhere so much in my life."

      Twenty minutes later, when Lanelle had made sure Felicity was dressed properly and didn't look like she had spent the entire night sobbing her eyes out, the two made their way to the Great Hall, spotting Johanna and Fiona sitting at the Huflepuff table. Though Felicity hadn't gotten to know Fiona much in the past two weeks Johanna had been dating her, she seemed nice enough.

      Johanna slid a pancake and a bowl of syrup her way. Just as Felicity was about to grab it, Johanna slid it back towards herself. When Felicity muttered a small gasp, Johanna's eyes narrowed. "If I give you this syrup, do you promise not to drown yourself in it?"

      "I wouldn't waste perfectly good syrup on me."

      Johanna groaned at the self-deprecating comment but slid the bowl back over to Felicity nevertheless. Felicity grabbed the porcelain dish and dumped the entirety of it onto her pancakes, dousing the fluffy food so it was drowning. She was so focused on her task that she didn't notice Johanna and Lanelle had gotten quiet.

      "That's a lot of syrup," someone said from behind Felicity. When she heard the voice, her blood ran cold. "I can never eat my pancakes with syrup. Gets too soggy for me."

      "Morning, Remus," Lanelle said when Felicity didn't reply. "Want to sit?"

       Felicity shot her best friend a look, but to no avail. Remus claimed the empty seat next to the blonde Hufflepuff and sent her a smile that made her heart flutter. "Morning," she squeaked out, shoving a piece of pancake in her mouth so she couldn't say anything else.

      "Morning," he replied with a grin. Felicity looked up at Johanna and Lanelle, who had their eyes wide and were trying to make it seem like they weren't paying attention to the scene in front of them. Fiona, the poor girl, just looked confused. "So, Felicity," Remus said, reaching out to pick up a grape that was across from him.

      "Mmhmm," she hummed out, too afraid that if she opened her mouth something weird would come out. Eating pancakes was a lot safer than actually trying to communicate.

       "What's your middle name? I realized I never knew that. Mine's John."

       Felicity and Remus looked up when Lanelle dropped her fork on her plate, the silverware clanking against the the porcelain. Her eyes were wide and there was a huge grin on her face. Johanna, who seemed to have caught on, let out a little chuckle before she grabbed Fiona's hand. 

      "If you'll excuse us, we've got somewhere to be," Johanna said hastily, yanking Fiona up from the seat. "Coming, Lanelle?"

      "Wouldn't be anywhere else." Lanelle stood up so quickly she almost knocked over her pumpkin juice. 

      "G-guys..." Felicity trailed off, feeling the nerves settle in. They wanted her to be alone with Remus? Alone with Remus when she knew he fancied someone else? They were the worst best friends in the world.

      "See you later, Flick!"

      "Please don't call me that," she said, but it was to empty air. The three had already disappeared, rushing out of the Great Hall at a speed Felicity never knew they could run.

      "That was weird," Remus commented, letting out a chuckle. "But, doesn't distract from the question."

       "Jane," she answered in a mumbled voice, for she had shoved several pieces of her pancake in her mouth.

     "Felicity Jane Opal," he repeated. She wanted to melt. There was something about Remus Lupin saying her full name that made her want to evaporate.

      "Remus John Lupin," she said back.

      He smiled and her stomach erupted with butterflies. She wanted to fix herself a potion that would stop that, but with her expertise in the subject, she's probably brew a poison instead.

       "Right, well that's all I wanted to know. I've got to go help Sirius with something now. I'll see you later, Felicity!"

        She sent him a confused look as he stood and rushed back to the Gryffindor table. From her position, she could see him slam his head on the table while his three friends let out loud guffaws of glee at his pain. After she was done eating, she looked down and saw that Remus had left his Defense book on the seat next to her. Wiping her face with a napkin multiple times to make sure she didn't have syrup anywhere, she took the book in her hands and nervously walked over to the Gryffindor table.

      "Ah, Flick Opal. To what do we owe this pleasure?" James Potter asked. Remus's head lifted quick as lightning from the table. 

      "Please don't call me that," she said before she held out her hand with the book. "You left your Defense book. I just wanted to make sure you had it."

      Remus grabbed the book from her hands and shot her a weak smile. "Thanks, Felicity. You didn't have to do that."

      Yes, I did, she thought to herself. I'd do anything you needed.

      Instead of embarrassing herself with that particular statement, she shrugged. "I figured you would need it later." She started to walk away, slightly praying that she wouldn't say anything else and she could just leave in peace. But, her mouth had other ideas. "Oh, and I think your middle name suits you. I like it."

      When she made her way out of the Great Hall, she wanted to slam her head against the wall.

      Sirius turned to look at Remus with a grin. "I think your middle name suits you."

      "Shut the bloody hell up, Sirius." As he stared at his Defense book, he let a small smile take over his face. "I can't believe her advice worked."

      "Remus, mate. I'm pretty sure when she said to share an interesting fact, it was supposed to be a bit more interesting than your middle name. Try again tomorrow."


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