Chapter 8

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The same night Dan tried to see Phil, as Dan was asleep they moved dans bed to a different ward. They did this to try and prevent Dan from getting out to look for Phil. Little did either of them know they put Dan in room 407 ward 3.

Phil's POV
I am awoken in the night which banging from the room next to mine. It sounded like they were moving someone in or out there. I open my eyes with great force as they are almost glued together with sleep. I use my eyes to scan the room for the clock. 3:45am. I grunt still in pain as my head pounds. I can still feel the presents of tears on my cheeks where they have dried.

After the banging has died down from next door I close my eyes and try and get back to sleep, but every time I close my eyes I see it.

The suitcase on the ground. Dan laid on the floor full of cuts all over. Glass everywhere. Sirens. Then black.

"NO!" I scream out then the door swings open followed by footsteps. I open my eyes to see two nurses have come in.

"Mr Lester are you okay? You screamed out," a young brown haired nurse is the first to speak out of her and a black haired nurse. I just sob to myself like they were never there. "Mr Lester?" The brown haired l nurse speaks again.

"Dan..." I start even tho it's more of a mumble covered in tears and sobs "where is he..?" I carry on making eye contact with the nurse. All is followed with silence. I look into her brown eyes and it reminds me of Dan. "Is he alive...?" I say to her when she doesn't answer my first question. Once again silence. More tears fill my eyes. I go to sit up but I'm filled with pain. I wince and stay laid. The nurses then whisper something to each over and vanish out the door. I sigh sobbing to myself. I don't know if he's alive. If he's okay. If he's safe. Or even where he is. I lay staring at the ceiling before drifting back to sleep.

* Next morning *

Dan's POV
I wake with the sun shinning thro the window. I wince as I open my eyes to see that the curtains are wide open. I then look down and notice the straps are undone and I'm in a different room. My heart pounds hard in my chest. What wars am I in? I ask myself. I know I'm not meant to get out again that's why I was tied up but I need to find Phil. I'll have one last look then I'll give up. I swing my legs around the bed once more. I wince as they hit the floor harder then needed. I fight through the pain as I start to walk. When I think of Phil all the pain goes away like he's the medicine I need. I reach the window and read the sigh that hangs above the desk. Ward 3. "So I'm on a different ward. What room and ward was Phil in again?" I ask myself. Then I remember the brunette nurse

"Ward 3 room 408."

My heart beat quickens in my chest. I'm on the same ward. I pull open the door to my room. I step out looking about for that harsh nurse that strapped me down last time. The coast is clear. I turn and see what the new room number is. 407. My heart stops for a moment. Phil should be next door. If they haven't moved him. Each step takes more and more pain away as it makes me realise that Phil is the next room.

I hold my breath as I stand out side room 408. I look into the room. I can't tell if it's Phil or not. All I see Is back hair. I push open the door with all my might.

"Phil!" My heart stops when I'm certain it's him. It's Phil. My Phil. Philip Micheal Lester. He's cheeks looks stained from where he had been crying. He missed me. I think anyway. "Phil wake up," I say softly to him. I touch his arm and see him wince, and open his eyes.

"D-Dan?" He says as if he couldn't believe his eyes I smile and nod at him.

"It's me Phil. I found you. Your alive!" The pure joy in my voice takes over as I lean and hug him gently as he must be in pain. Slowly I feel his arms rap around me.

"Dan your alive! I've missed it so much!" Phil says into my shoulder and I can hear his Sobs of joy and it makes me smile. "Where is your room?" He says as I take a seat next to his bed completely forgetting the pain.

"Next door they moved me over night," I say sitting looking at him.

We talk for hours. His smile makes me smile. I've missed him so much. I'm glad I found him. I glance at the clock and it reads 8:20.

"How are you feeling," I say in a low voice his icy blue eyes staring back at mine.

"Better now your here, I thought I'd never see you again," his voice sounds like he's going to cry but he has a smile on his face.

"I'm here Phil. All because of you. What you did saved me, even tho you risked your life you saved me in that crash." My voice is now serious as I speak tho words "you were willing to die... for me," I look at him and tears formed in my eyes blurring my vision. He just smiles and places his hand on mine.

"Of course I was," he says and I take this moment in.

Phil's POV
Seeing Dan had Made me feel so much better. Yet I'm still in pain just not as much. I'm glad he's alive. He's safe. And he's not dead.

"I was willing to risk my life for you Dan because... I love you," I say to him with full seriousness in my voice. But when I look over he's a sleep on the chair. "Sleep tight Daniel," I smile to myself I finally wipe the damp stains on my cheek as dan gave me the strength. He must be in pain yet he came all this way to find me. The smile widens as I watch him. I close my eyes this time the images are not there it makes me feel so much better as I drift to sleep. "Night spaniel," I say before sleep takes me.

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