Chapter 4

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Cody was sitting on the couch looking depressed
"Hey, you okay?" I asked sitting next to him putting my hand on his back
I pulled my hand away shocked at what he just said
"L-look I'm...I'm s-sorry...I was just trying see if you were okay" I said shyly
"WELL IM NOT!!" He shouted as he stormed out of the house and slammed the door
I started to cry


I didn't mean to yell at Cat like that but I just didn't know how to react
I couldn't even imagine what Cassey was going through
I didn't even know if she was alive
I started to cry
I could only imagine what was happening
Her lying in a basement
Austin laughing abusing her
I went back to Maxx's to apologise to Cat for the way I spoke
I walked through the door
Cat was sobbing on the couch
"Cat?" She flinched at my words
"Cat, I'm sorry I yelled at you" I said sitting in the couch as she looked up at me
She shot up and gave me a tight hug, I was confused at first but I hugged her back. "She'll be okay" I said looking her in the eyes, "I promise"
She hugged me again then pulled away when we heard Maxx's voice
"Hey guys, you okay?" He said
"Yeah, just talking about Cassey" I said shyly
Cat grabbed my hand and squeezed it
I didn't even realise I was crying
I squeezed her hand back
Maxx smiled
He sat on the couch next to Cat
She let go of my hand and was embraced by Maxx
I smiled at the sight of them and joined the hug
They laughed and we all cuddled for hours until we all fell asleep


I heard Austin coming down the stairs
"Hello princess" he said with that same evil smile
I gave him a look
"No need to be like that" he said laughing
"I have a surprise for you Cassey"
He walked over to the cupboard and gets a taser
He sticks it to my side and I feel my body going limp as he pulls it away
I cry out in pain
He simply laughs and walks back to the cupboard
He takes out a baton
He comes closer and hits me over the head, I blacked out
I woke up covered in blood and bruises
I knew exactly what had happened
He beat me
For joy I suppose?
I don't know all I know is I have to get out of here fast!
With that thought in my head I heard the door open
"Learned our lesson?" He asked smiling
I simply nodded my head
I was sitting with my knees against my chest and my head in my knees
My arms chained up to the wall
"Good" he sat next to me and pushed the hair out of my face making me flinch
"Don't be afraid dear" he said
I wanted to punch him in the face so hard that he died
He laughed at my blank expression
He started to kiss my neck and I tried to fight it
He held my legs down and started to get more aggressive with the kiss
He was pushing his hand down on my knee making me wince in pain
Me moved his hand up
I looked at him as he smiled
I smiled back and he looked confused
"Nice to see you finally enjoying yourself" he said
He was about to kiss me again
Before he could I pulled my head back and thrusted it forward
It clashed against his temple and he was out for the count
I tried to unchain myself
I got free and I was so happy
I just needed to do one more thing before I left
I chained Austin up and grabbed the bat
I hit him in the nuts a few times and in the head and then in the stomach a few times before finishing with a kick to the gut
I ran upstairs and locked the basement door
I grabbed the phone and dialled Cody's number
After a few rings he picked up

"Hello?" I heard Cody say tiredly I must have woken him up
It filled me wit joy to hear his voice again
"Hello? Is anyone there?" He said again

"Cody?" I said quietly

"Yeah.......who is this?" He asked GOD I MISSED HIS VOICE

"It's umm........Cassey"

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