Chapter 1 - illness

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Joes POV
I was sat on the sofa in our new 5 bedroomed house, feeding 4 month old Lexi a bottle. We decided to move out after we got married, Caspar kept the old apartment. His girlfriend Georgia moved in with him.
Olivia, Freddie and Mason were sat on the floor watching 'Toy story'. Ellie has been ill the past couple of days, so she is tucked up in bed. Lexi finishes her bottle so I put her into the bouncer. She begins to fall asleep.
I walk to the black and white themed kitchen and begin to make pasta for dinner.
"Joe, Joe JOE." I hear Ellie scream from upstairs, I quickly run up to her. She is laying on the bathroom floor, crying. She can't move. I pick her up and lie her down on the bed.
"How long have you been there?" I asked panicked.
"I.. i.. can't remember." She replies nervously, "Joe I can't move. It hurts to breathe."
"It's okay, I'll phone Jack and Emily round to come watch Freddie, Olivia and Mason. We'll take Lexi with us. It okay, don't worry."
Jack- "hey buddy, what's wrong?"
Joe- "I'm taking Ellie to hospital, will you come and watch Freddie, Mason and Liv. Were gonna take Lexi, no need to worry about her. Please bro, I wouldn't ask you and Emily If it wasn't urgent."
Jack- "okay mate, we'll be five minutes."
Jack put the phone down, I put Ellie in a coat and carried her downstairs. I placed her on the couch.
I ran back upstairs and got Lexi a coat, a warm babygrow and a changing bag filled with nappies and bottles. I ran back upstairs and changed her quickly. I grabbed the car seat from the bedroom and strapped Lexi inside it.
"Kids, uncle Jack and Auntie Emily are coming over to watch you. You need to be good. I'm going out with Mummy and Lexi, we might not be back until tomorrow. Be nice to Uncle Jack please." I said kissing them all on the head and giving them big hugs.
Jack and Ellie's sister Emily arrived. I chucked some keys at Emily and asked Jack to strap Lexi in the car. I carried Ellie out and laid her across the back seat. We drove to the hospital very quickly. I pulled outside the main entrance to the hospital.
I ran inside and grabbed some nurses, they lifted Ellie out the car, onto a stretcher and swiftly pushed her away. I jumped back in the car and parked it up in the car park. I ran around and retrieved Lexi from inside. I grabbed the car seat containing the sleeping baby and the changing bag. I took the pink, fluffy blanket off the back seat and wrapped it around her tiny legs.
We ran into the hospital, I went up to the front desk.
"My wife. Ellie Sugg was just taken in, what's happening to her?" I asked impatiently.
"I'm sorry sir, you're gonna have to wait in reception. She has been admitted into intensive care."
"What , why?" I started to get angry
"I'm sorry sir, but that information is private and only available to family members." He said
"I'm her husband, I have a right to know!" I shouted at him
"Sir, you need to calm down."
"How can I calm down? My wife has been taken away and you won't tell me anything about it. My daughter is getting restless, how do expect me to cope?" I began to break down.
"I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do." He said not very sympathetically.
"Just let me see my wife." I begged
"I'll see what I can do. Please take a seat over there." He said and then began to type away on his computer.
I walked over to the chairs and sat down. I pulled Lexi out of her car seat and on to my knee. I wrapped the blanket around her tighter and cried into her.
Why can't I see her?
Jack send me a Snapchat of the kids tucked up in bed, with the caption" uncle Jack has sorted it." I smile at the picture and realise I can't be down. I need to keep strong for my family, my little babies.

Authors note
Hey guys, so this is the sequel to Baby sugg. I hope you enjoyed e first chapter. As you can see this book is gonna be full of drama, I quite like what I've got planned.. you'll just have to wait and see.
Love you guys xx

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