Chapter 11

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Liam P.O.V

After Ruth had downed her water, we gave her a second to herself. She took a moment to breathe and relax before she launched into the rest of her story.

"During my stay at the womans house, she took in two others like me. A boy and a girl. I don't remember much of them at all really but I do know they were gone before I was. She kept me the longest. The boy got sold onto... Another man. Don't know his name - could've swornn it had a 'B' in it. I dunno. The girl was sold onto the same person. When she handed me over I was expecting to go to this mystery 'B' person. Hell was I wrong. I was sold onto the one and only Xavier. Oh he took joy in whipping us and beating us for the first month we were there. Letting us know who's boss and we were not to mess around. Food was slop in a bowl but the water was clean. After that month was over he took us out. By us I mean the newbies at his place. We went shopping and bought sweatpants and T-Shirts and loads of dresses. Buckets full of slutty, colourful, sequined dresses. Some were fairly PG but they were literally all cutouts bodycons so short you could practically see these girls' bums. At the time I had no idea what was coming. But I was taught pretty quickly. We were coated with make-up, forced into these dresses and sent out to special bars and clubs. People pay a fortune for a show with people like us. We were taught dances and strip routines it was awful. Then we were told to get with whoever paid us the most."

I gasped. Expressions around the room where of pure shock and horror. No-one dared say a thing. Suddenly I spoke up with some courage I don't know where I found.

"Why would people do such a thing? Why did they pick on you? How long did this go on for?"

"It went on for years. All the time I wasn't there I was selling myself because I had no choice. It was sex or death. It's bloody painful the first few times but you just learn to put up with it and block it out." she admitted.

I was close to tears. I just wanted to wrap my sister up in a hug I haven't given her for years. But I still had one more question.

"Why? Why did they go for you?" Ruth stared me in the eyes.

"People pay so much more for a fuck with cat hybrids than ordinary prostitutes." she spat before standing up and storming out of the room, leaving me shell shocked and on the verge or tears.

There was a long silence, filled with only the muffled sounds of my whimpers and occasional whispers.

"I remember her." Louis turned to Harry who had just spoken out of the blue.

"Who?" he asked gently.


Louis' mouth formed an 'O' and he clocked that Harry was the second boy in Carol's accomodation.

"She was a lovely woman. She really was. But you can't blame her. She used to be so sweet and loving and kind and gentle and just like the Mum we were never allowed to have. I miss her." he whimpered.

Louis took him up in a warm hug and stroked his back soothingly.

"It's ok. You've got us now, k?" Harry nodded into his chest and the first tear fell.

Suddenly, a thought arose. My head snapped up. I dashed from the room, returning a few minutes later with the papers of information Harry had given us. I scanned the sheets until I found what I was looking for.

"Here!" I announced, slamming my hand on two sheets of paper. I pointed to two newly circled bullet points on the sheets. The others began crowing round, confused expressions all round.

"Don't you see?" I grinned leaning towards the papers. "Ruth stayed with Carol. Harry, you remembered Carol and you said you stayed with a woman, ages ago whilst on the run from Ben. It all works! It's all clicking in! You were sold to the mystery 'B' guy, a.k.a. Ben! And the second person there apparently a girl - PERRIE!" I waved the sheet ecstatically, gesturing wildy. "She claimed to stay with a woman too! Who else could it be? AND - sold onto the same person!"

Everyone's mouthed formed an 'O' as they took in the information. All the puzzle pieces finally fit. The clock ticked.

Suddenly Harry's hand slammed to his forehead.

"THAT'S why there were no cat hybrids! They were being kept prim and proper and skinny and beautiful to sell on as prostitutes! Thank the Lord Gemma wasn't sold while I was there!" he grasped wildly at his hair and began pulling at it.

Exasperated he turned to Louis.

"What if he has sold her? What if my sister is out there alone being forced to sell herself?! I can't deal with that Lou I just can't!" he wailed, dropping to his knees. Louis was beside him in an instant. Holding him and rocking him, they were already inseparable those two.

"We will find them," Louis soothed, "We will find them and keep them safe here until we find somewhere all of them can go." Harry nodded, letting Louis pull him to his feet.

All the time the boys were oblivious to a figure standing in the doorway, arms crossed, smile tugging at her lips.

"You clever boys."


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