3. He Says, "You're Worthless!" and He Says, "You're Useless!" (Chap.3)

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Chapter 3

After a week,

Vary became the official cook and of course the babysitter of Maxillian and Hughes sons, baby Kiel and Chris, while Krissy was promoted as the personal public relation officer of Hughes since she’s good at communicating with others and had business background.

The one month supposed to be work to get the amount they needed to go back home was extended to undetermined length of stay. Though, Vary was hesitated on the idea but he can say no to the amount offered as an all around helper. He’s salary was tripled than his current job back in America. Also, Hughes loved his cooking. “It’s a way to be close to him.” Vary smiled.

Everything went smoothly aside from…

“Hey, is this the service I can get, to think that you are paid tripled times?” Maxillian smug.

“Grrr….excuuuuuse me…Mr. Hughes is the one who’s paying me…” Vary was gritting.

They were eating their supper happily when that guy showed up.

Krissy felt that her cousin was about to explode and so intervene then pushing Vary into the kitchen then whisper. “Cool down a bit, ‘kay…”

She went back to apologize in behalf of Vary.

“Uhm…M-Max…we’re sorry…he thought that you’re not gonna make it this evening so it could be a waste if he’ll prepare something when he wasn’t sure if you’re coming or not…”

“Why are you apologizing…he should be the one to do that…besides the food expenses were ours so he should be preparing food whether I won’t be coming…”

Vary heard that. “Grrr…stupid…rich…it doesn’t mean that if you have money you can waste it!!!” he thought angrily.

He brought the food and angrily put it in front of Maxillian then glaring at him.

Maxillian was pissed. Hughes noticed it and to avoid any further discussion that will ruin their appetite he intervened, “Shall we continue our dinner…oh Vary I love this soup can you help me have some more…” he smiled.

Vary’s anger faded and happily served Hughes. This irritates Maxillian because he’s acting different when it comes to Hughes.

Maxillian was envious one way or another to his older brother who’s only second when it comes to physical attractiveness though best in handling business because he can easily attract caring people while women he dated up until now was only interested on his money and prestige.

Though, he never felt those frustrations before until Vary came along. “Argh…my brother always came with different goody good shoes before but why I am so irritated at that Vary dude…tch…” Maxillian was shuffling his hair in irritation who tried to act cool as he can.


Next Day…

“Careful on your way…” Vary said before Hughes and Krissy left the hotel.

He checked on the two kids and was happy to see that they’re sleeping. It means he can do the laundry. Though, it can be done by one of the services of the hotel, Vary insisted in doing it by himself.


“Sniff…the scent of Hughes is aromatic…sniff…” Vary loved to smell and hug the clothes of Hughes. ^-^

“So, fag you like my brother…eh…no wonder you act differently towards him…” Someone hissed at his back.

Vary jolted out. He froze. He’s dead…no seriously…yes…he’s doom to death. Well, he would rather chose to die than for Hughes to know his feelings.

“Of course not!” Vary was fidgeting.

“Even if you denied it…who’s sane guy would hug and smell another guys clothes and daydream happily…stupid…you’re disgusting…” Maxillian snorted.

“Well…sorry to disgust you…hmpt…” Vary murmured and went on to his laundry. He tried to act as if it didn’t affect him.

“But come to think of it…Hughes likes women…can you satisfy him if he found out about you?” Maxillian sneered. Those words irritate Vary.

“Why do you care…you wanna try me?” Vary was pissed and blurted it out.

Maxillian just stared at him. Vary felt a sudden chill.

“Heh…are you challenging me?” Maxillian leered.

“…I don’t mind it at all…just make sure you’re worth it…heh” he added.

“Gulp…this is not going to be good…” Vary thought and wanted to run for his life.



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