Chapter 15: New Skills and a Hot Ball in the Center of My Chest

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I followed 'Joshua the Blacksmith' through a few tunnels and past a few sparsely filled gardens. I eyed him nervously. Not only did I not trust this man, though he had a warm aura, I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. Aisu padded right beside me. My breath caught slightly each time he looked me in the eye, smiling reassuringly when our eyes met.

'Something about this man is off, Aisu.'

'Yes, I agree.'

'So you can feel it too?'

'I'm not sure what I'm feeling exactly, but I certainly know what you're feeling.'

'He has this... malevolent, untrustworthy air. I can't see myself ever trusting him, but I feel like we have to.'

'Hm, I see. He seems greedy, too. He looks at you like you're a piece of property to buy.' Aisu's voice was an angry growl.

'It's okay, Aisu. As soon as I learn what I need we can go and get rid of him.' Aisu came closer to me, his fur brushing my legs. Aisu's head remained under my hand, and once in a while he gave it a lick. I scratched Aisu behind the ear and looked ahead, eyeing the cottage-like house that loomed before us.

With a thatch roof and brick walls, it looked almost cheerful... except for the dead, decayed gardens and flower beds in front of it. I never used to see much green except when I was in the forest with the Rebels. I stopped suddenly as we reached the doorway. I growled as I saw Nerr.

"Hey Uncle Josh." Nerr shouted from inside.

"Nerr..." I growled. Aisu raised his hackles and bared his teeth, snarls ripping out of his mouth.

"Yo, Snow. What's up with your dog?" I shrieked wordlessly as I lunged forward. 'I'm going to kill that crazy...' I stopped as Aisu bit my boot, holding me back. I bared my teeth at him. 'Why did you stop me?'

'It's not worth it. You may be trying to defend your pride, or mine, but it will be the downfall of you.'

'I will not let that dragonistic freak insult you OR me like that! It's bad enough she let us fall off of her f*cking Dragon!' My eyes had become angry slits.

'She LET you fall?'

'Well I didn't just decide to jump off!' Aisu's eyes became angry. He turned to Nerr and stood in front of me, snarling and growling with his fur on end. "Seriously, what's up with the mutt?" Nerr asked. Aaron ran in again.

"YOU FREAKING IDIOT!" Kallen trailed in after him.

"I'd recommend NOT insulting Snow and her Familiar. We actually need them, unlike you." Kallen said cooly. "Snow's familiar is a purebred Ice Wolf, not just any Wolf. While your Dragon is common." Nerr's eyes bugged out. I put a hand on Aisu's head, trying to calm both of us down. 

"Snow...?" I turned, just realizing that Joshua was still there. I raised an eyebrow in response. "Unfortunately I don't have enough room for all of you. Is the hayloft in the barn okay?"

"As long as I get a blanket I'll be good." I replied. The Blacksmith walked out and returned with a heavy wool blanket. I took it from him, and put it under my arm. "Nerr, why did you let us fall? Why do you insist on constantly insulting Aisu and I?" Nerr gazed at me tiredly.

"Look... after the whole memory thing I get a bit moody, okay? Chill Wolf-girl. It's pretty late. Go to sleep." I grunted, and held onto Aisu's scruff as he tried to lunge forward.

"Joshua, sir, would you tell me where the barn is please? I'd like to get some rest." The Blacksmith nodded.

It's just out behind the house. There should be a ladder and plenty of hay as a mattress." I nodded.

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