10 - The Barn Cont.

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     You shut the alarm off as fast as you can, but it's too late. The people butcher is already looking in your direction with malice on his grey face. You see now that some of his bottom lip is missing. The sore is black. It doesn't look like a wound on live skin. His arms are huge, but they're just as grey and black as his face. You'd think he was a zombie, but that's ridiculous since zombies are mindless. He had clearly been doing some morbidly complex ritual before you interrupted. Then again, it is Halloween. He could just be in costume. He starts toward you.
     Everything seems slowed down while your brain races for its next move to ensure survival. With a hard push, you knock over the barrels and take off. Clatters and thumps follow, but you don't stop to watch him struggle past the barrels. You race out the doors and book. At first, you have no destination other than away from the butcher, but then you spot the car you came in. The keys could be in there. You run up, see the key in the ignition and jump in.
You turn the key and it just clicks.
You turn it again and try giving it gas. Nothing. You slap the steering wheel. Then the butcher is at the window. He tries to jerk open the door, but you've locked it. Seeing him close makes you scream. You scramble to the other side of the car and climb out the passenger door, stumbling as you move because your adrenaline has your legs so shaky.
"Help!" you scream as you run. He's right on your heels. "Help!"
You're panting and panicking. You don't even realize you've run into someone at first, then their grip on your shoulders registers in your frightened brain.
"What's wrong?" a man says. He's middle aged, wearing a farmer's hat and overalls.
"The butcher, he's-" when you look back, the butcher is gone. "He's...he was right behind me. He killed people in the barn."
"You mean Joel? Joel wouldn't hurt a fly," the man says with furrowed brows. "Just come with me. We'll sort this out. It'll be okay."
You jump back, away from the man's grasp. Going with him is the last thing you want to do. "No."
"I think maybe you hit your head. Seeing things. You need to see the doctor-" he steps forward and grabs your arm, but you jerk it away.
"No, I'm not going anywhere with you." You pull out the phone you got earlier and look for a signal. None.
The man's fingers wrap around your wrist hard. You wiggle and pull but you can't seem to shake him this time. You immediately guess at your options. He's much larger than you, but you could punch him, or you could let him lead you wherever and run off the first chance you get. If you punch him, it might not phase him and could make him tie you up. But if you follow him, you could lure him into a false sense of security until you have a better plan or a weapon. Of course, things could always work out if you punch him or go bad if you follow him. It's all about which one you think has the most risk...
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