Chapter 7

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I sat in the written exam room, waiting for the rest of the teams to exchange information and find their seats with the matching number. I got number 13. That's unlucky, I guess I'll have to jinx that.

I sat towards the back center of the room. Next to me sat a figure in a white cloak. Whoever it was, was tense. Kisai sat three rows ahead of me and four seats to the left, while Suji was at the very front corner, right next to the window. I noticed before the test that he was nervous, so I gave him a reassuring pat on his arm before I had to take my seat. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Gaara one row behind me and three seats to the right. He wasn't near his team either. Gaara caught my stare and I smiled and winked. He stared back, but with warm eyes.

Finally, everyone was in a seat. Proctor Ibiki stood in the front of the room and cleared his throat to quiet us, but the room was in a tense and nervous silence already.

"All right listen up. Before you take the test there are a few rules you need to be aware of. Pay attention because I won't take any questions." he said. "First off. This test is based off of a point reduction system. Contrary to what you are used to, you all begin with a perfect score of ten points, then if you miss any questions, they will be deducted from your score." I thought about that. So what's the point in risking answering any questions if we start with a 100%?

"Number two. Your pass or fail is counting on the final score of all three team members." he said. My eyes widen slightly and I glance at Suji. He's nearly passed out from stress. Idiot, when is he going to notice?

"Rule number three. The sentinels you see around the room are watching your every move. If you are to be caught cheating, they will deduct two points from your score. Be warned, their eyes are very sharp. If you're caught five times, you'll be dismissed before the tests are even scored." Doesn't cheating usually call for automatic fail? Strange rules. I smirk. Suji, you'd better put your thinking cap on.

"One more thing. If someone gets a zero on the test, then the entire team fails." Ibiki said. I look at Suji. Hyperventilating. I roll my eyes as he puts his head in hands, but stops when he sees something sticking out of his wristband. He slowly puts his arms back down and miserably fails at acting normal. He seems too excited. I raise an eyebrow and shake my head a little. He was so silly.

"You will be given the tenth question fifteen minutes before the exam is over. You have one hour… begin!" he announced. We all turned our tests over and began. I read the questions, each one was more complex than the last. I had no idea where to even start to comprehend it. I smiled.

Well if I don't do anything, I'll get a perfect score. But then ill miss out on the entire point to this test. Besides, what else would I have stolen the answer key for? I glanced at Suji who was working furiously and easily. Good thing I got the answers to Suji. I look at Kisai, working effortlessly on her own brain power. How she does it I'll never know. I smiled as I crossed my legs, glancing down at the answer key that peeked out from its hiding spot under my dress. I quickly copied down the answers, ignoring the commotion when teams started to get dismissed. Once finished, I flipped over my paper and rested my head on my head, becoming bored. I glanced around, watching Sasuke activate his Sharingan and Neji his Byakugan. I spotted a fly zooming about and matched it to Shino. Looks like everyone's managing. I see Ibiki staring at someone and I follow his gaze. He was looking at Gaara, totally calm and collected. When I looked back to Ibiki, he was staring at me. He closed his eyes and smirked in a way that suggested he thought whatever he did about Gaara with me as well.

I looked back to Gaara and saw his arm extended slightly in front of him. Sand swirled over his arm as he covered his left eye. He looked at something in his hand, but I couldn't see what it was. I looked back ahead so the sentinels wouldn't get suspicious. I zoned off for a moment, when I felt something brush against my leg. I looked down and saw sand dusted around in the air, surrounding a floating brown eye. It stared at me intently. I glanced at Gaara, wondering what he was doing, but he was looking over at me and the eye with surprise faintly etched over his eyes. I looked back at the eye as it disappeared. Did it do that on its own? Gaara really wasn't kidding when he said his demon liked me huh..?

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