Chapter 16

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Ayesha's POV

The text freaks the hell out of me.

'You escaped this time but now when I get my hands on you, I'll make sure suffer so that you beg me for death. Don't even think of informing the police or anyone about this if you love your life. ~YourWorstNightmare<3

What am I gonna do? Oh Allah, help me. I can't tell anyone about this. He's out there looking for me

I won't get out for the next few weeks if I have to. There's no way I'll let him kidnap me now that I know about it.

Who is he and what does he want from me?

I get up, wrap my purple hijab loosely around my head and walk downstairs to clear all of this off my mind.

"Ayesha! Come sit, have dinner with us," Ammi invites me, smiling and I smile back.

I sit on the table and see papa and Hussain talking and making their way towards the dining table.

I greet them and earn a greet back. Ammi serves us the food and we start eating in silence.

"You look a little tensed, Ayesha," Hussain asks, warily.

"Oh um....Nah, its nothing," I lie.

"Okay..." He says, not convinced.

"Let's go out somewhere tomorrow, like a family outing, its been months since we had a picnic," Hussain says after a couple of minutes.

"No!" I say immediately. "I mean I can't come because....I have to study for my tests and stuff," I lie.

"Come on, dear, you're studying most of the time. Come with us for once," Papa insists, a smile on his face.

"I'm sorry papa. I can't, maybe next time," I manage to smile and he smiles back, understanding and nodding.

The thing that hurts me is I saw a bit of sadness in his eyes.


After dinner, I head back upstairs and sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow, hoping for a good day after I wake up.


I wake up without an alarm, surprisingly.

I pick my phone to see the time. Its 7:05, I had alot of time to get ready for university but I'm debating with myself whether to go or not..

I get up anyways and take a quick shower. After getting ready, I walk downstairs.

"I'm not skipping university today," I tell to every one, sitting on the table. "And Ahmed will walk me in and out of the university," I add, before anyone could argue.

"Okay," Ammi and papa nod in agreement.

"Thanks" I say, casually.

I quickly eat my breakfast and message Ahmed.

Ayesha - You coming? Or I will have to walk myself to uni.

Ahmed - No, I'm on my way.

Ayesha - I thought you wouldn't come since you don't want me to go for a few days.

Ahmed - I wasn't but did anyways knowing you were gonna go no matter what.

Ayesha - Wow, you got to know me well in a short amount of time.

I smile at the text I sent.

Ahmed - Yep! I'm cool like that

I scoff at that.

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