MHH-CHAPTER 59: Strangers Part 1

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-3 years later-

Luxianne's Point of View

"Jewel, honey come eat your meal."

I washed my hands and began preparing the pyjamas of my sweet little angel. I smiled sweetly at her as she approaches.

"Mommy, mommy !," jewel, oh that look. She's so damn cute ! The cuttest and most gorgeous baby girl in the whole fvcking world. "What is it honey?,"

"Is daddy coming home?," I leaned down to reach her level. Kissed her forehead then pinched her nose.

"A thousand times jewel, you're asking that same old question over and over again every night. *chuckle*. No sweety. He's not coming home tonight," as expected, a sad face was drawn in her tiny face.

"Oh come on, don't you want daddy to be surprised ? Surely daddy will be glad seeing you happy. Remember?," me trying to cheer her up.

"Yes mommy." she then hurried to eat her meal with an excitement in her face.

3 years old. And she's already fluent in speaking. She obviously got my hair color when I was little. Blonde.

But honestly I am quite dissapointed, bukod kasi sa kulay ng buhok, mata na lang ang nakuha niya saakin. Kulay brown. The rest? Puro kay John. Hayst.

Her nose, katulad ng kay John, mas maliit lang syempre. Her lips. Her skin tone. Her perfect dimples. Her Her mezmerizing smile.

But the wit was definitely from me! Haha, hindi maipagkakailang magka-sing talino kami.

After dinner we went to the shower room, finished our evening routine. Then colapse on bed.

If I'm not mistaken, it's been three years since I leave the Philippines. Simula ng gabing iyon ay wala na akong naging balita tungkol kay......John Actually, ilang araw pa pagkatapos ng pag alis ko sa pilipinas ay nakakausap ko pa si daddy. Sinabi niyang wala akong dapat ipag alala dahil pangangalagaan niya ang kompanya. Buo ang tiwala ko sa dad ko.

Walang kahit na anong balita, tanging ang mukha na lamang ni Jewel ang nagpapaalala saakin kay John at ang sing-sing namin.

Tahimik ang naging buhay namin. Simple pero sobrang tahimik at kontento na ako tsaka masaya. At first it was very hard to adopt. Almost every night I am wasting my time, crying. I made friends with some of the people in here. Pretty odd right? But yeah, I was the one who made friends with them.

I tried to do things that I never did before. Such as doing laundry, washing dishes. Cooking, cleaning and so much more. Tinulungan ako ng mga kaibigan ko nung manganganak na ako. It was the hardest thing and the most painful moment of my life. But it's also the most unforgettable  and it's worth the bloody pain.

I started finding a decent job when Jewel started to speak. It wasn't hard to find actually because they know me as a business tycoon. They were surprised like g*ddamn idiots. But my I'm running out of money and so I needed a job.

Others are saying why just go back to the Philippines or in a country where there's a branch of my company. But no. If I did that then I'd be still connected to danger and I don't want my Jewel be involved.

You might think I wasted my life. That, I already have almost everything. Yet I still chose to give it all up. But the thing is, it's not about money, fame or business. It was never about that.

Oo na ! Napakasama kong tao ! Dahil inilayo ko si Jewel sa daddy niya ! Pero John... Argh. Ayoko ng banggitin.

A life with no Mafia, Killings, Stress, Chaos, but unfortunately.....a life without John Peter Roque.

It's my decision. I must and I will embrace it. I will face the challenges. For my daughter.

I have completely change. Kung noon ay impulsive ako, I guess I learned to control my emotions now. Or maybe still learning.


"You're gonna come with mommy?," me

"Yes," she barely whispered. Busy playing with her dolls.

I smiled realizing that my daughter is living a normal life.

"Just promise me you'll behave okay?," she nod as a response.

-at the office-

Don't get yourself wrong, I am the boss here. Yep, a new job. But ofcourse I chose to start being a secretary. At first, gustong gusto kong buhusan ng kape yung CFO ng company. She's just SO DAMN FREAK AND DEMANDING !

Knowing LUXIANNE, a hot-tempered woman who could easily kill in an attempt of hurting somebody. I guess, I've learned a lot.

But.....I'm still not considering myself as a "good person" nah. Ain't gonna happen. Siguro nagpapakabait lang ako ngayon? Para sa anak ko.

"Ma'am good morning," guard.

"Good morning" I greet them with a smile, the original luxianne would rather walk flawlessly caring for no one.

"Goo- mownin" jewel.

Yep, that's how she say it.
Lahat ng tao na madaanan namin ay na-cucute-an sa kanya.

We spent our day playing most of the time, but of course I finished my paper works.


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