An Unstoppable Mouth Part 4

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15th Ocyober 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Being a teenager brought it own set of problems that affect everyone around you. Especially girls.

I was fifteen now as was Jack and he now towered over me and was filling out real nicely like his dad. It won't be much longer before he was as tall as his dad too.

This also meant that I had changed shape too. Not that you could tell very much with the bib overalls I constantly wore all the time. But Jack knew though.

The first time he saw that I had boobs was hilarious. Mrs Beemer had gone with me to buy some bra's for me when I woke up one morning and there they were.

I thought something was wrong with me and screamed the place down which had the lovely housekeeper come running thinking I was dead or something. I was just about to turn fourteen years old at the time.

I also had to go and get new knickers too since the ones I had were getting a bit tighter.

Mrs Beemer said I was shaping out with hips and a bust.

I had no idea what she was meaning and I went and asked Jack if he knew.

But he didn't.

So he went and asked his dad who spewed out the mouthful of beer he had just taking and was about to swallow.

" What the hell did you say,boy?" His father snapped out at Jack as he wiped the beer off of himself.

" Was does hips shaping mean? mrs Beemer said Sarah's hips are shaping out and she's busting. We didn't know what she meant cause sarah don't look much different to me." Jack was saying to his father who then swung his eyes to look at me, checking me over for busting anything like my wrist busted.

" Ask Mrs Beemer." Mr Nolan went on to say as he stood up and walked across the porch and in through the front screen door allowing it to slam shut behind him.

I just looked at Jack and suggested we go back at home and ask Mrs Beemer what it really meant.

But when we arrived, my dad's car was parked in front of the house.

" I think we should be quiet like." I whispered to him as we snuck in through the door carefully so that no one would catch us.

" Sarah." My dad called out in his usually cold and stern voice.

" Damn it. Was hoping he wouldn't catch us." I said to Jack.

" He didn't catch me. Just you." Jack said with a snicker as he looked at me while throwing his back pack back onto his shoulder.

" And tell that friend of yours to go home." dad also yelled out which then had me mirking at Jack then.

" I'll wait down at our tree." He said knowing that I am likely to be out there very shortly.

" Send for help if you don't see me in half an hour." I muttered to him as he chuckled on his way out, shutting the door loudly as he left.

dad hates having the door shut really loud. he thinks it's uncouth, whatever that means.

" Sarah, come here young lady." I heard dad yell out for me again.

" Coming." I screamed out knowing that he hates it when I do that, especially in the house.

Entering the drawing room I saw my dad standing next to a couch that has a lady sitting on it and across from her was an older looking couple that gave me a look of distain, whatever that means too.

people have a look of distain on their faces when they see me and don't like what I'm wearing, or if I am covered in dirty or don't have my hair done. All of which I look like now.

" Yes dad. What's up?" I asked him with a smile, a really toothy one.

" This is Amelia and her parents Joseph and Maude Pageant. Amelia and I will be getting married in several weeks." He went on to say to me which I have to say shocked the shit right out of me.

" Married. Really? What about Samantha. Your girlfriend won't like that will she?" I asked him as I came closer and leaned against one of the couches and hooked a bare footed leg over it's arm.

Not very lady like I think from what Mrs Beemer had said once. But I didn't care.

" Samantha. Just who is she when she's around?" The lady called Mrs Pageant said to dad who was looking really red in the face at what i said.

But just as dad was about to speak, I spoke first.

" Samantha is dad's girlfriend. She's always coming around and I have to sya that I don't like it when she does. She's always loud and screaming 'harder.. harder' of a night so I can't sleep. Much like the other night. You don't scream like that do you Amelia?" I asked the lady dad was intending to marry.

"I beg your pardon, young lady. Young girls do not speak out of turn like that. It's very unbecoming and disrespectful to your father." Mrs Pageant then said in the snottiest tone of voice I have ever heard. I was really fascinated about it.

" How did you do that?' I asked her with awe in my voice.

" Do what miss?" Mrs Pageant asked me in that same snotty voice which had me smiling at her.

" Speaking in that snotty voice like that. I think it's cool." I said to her with a big smile which had her face turning as red as dad's did a moment ago.

" Frank dear. I think that your daughter needs the attention of a mother." I heard Amelia say to my dad.

"You think? He's been bringing women to the house all the time because he wanted them to train me ot be a lady, but all they ever did was look at me with their teeth and then go up to dad's room and fu.." I was cut off.

"Sarah." Dad yelled at me stopping me from finishing what I was going to say.

"Well, it's true. Isn't it dad?" I aske dhim as I stood up then.

"I have to go see Mrs Beemer. She's going to explain what developing a bust is and widening hips. She also mentioned something about a curse but I have yet to find out what that means too. " I was saying as I smiled at everyone noticing that the lady's went real pale and the men went red.

I just shrugged a bit.

"It was nice meeting you people." I said with a wave as I turned and ran out of the room.

I don't think dad will marry that lady at all. He can't seem to keep any for very long anyway. But I might be surprised with this one I was thinking as I ran back out of the house to find Jack and tell him the news.

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