Part 39 - A Deal to Make the Dick Go Away

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Cold air slapped me in the face as I stood on my balcony. I could see her apartment building from here. Yet, she wasn't as close as I wanted her to be. I glanced down at the tea in my hands watching the steam rise.

"What did you do?" My roommate asked me from inside the apartment. "You're doing that broody thing when you've done something. Do you regret it?"

Regret it?

I lifted a hand and brushed my thumb across my bottom lip. Surprisingly, I did regret it. Only, the fact that those lips weren't mine to kiss. I regretted having to kiss her when she was with him, but in that moment...regret wasn't something I was even considering.

"I do, but I don't more."

"Really, you're such a weird guy."

"I am not."

"You are. You date like crazy, but each person only lasts days. A week tops before you figure out they don't fill whatever hole you're trying to patch. So, who does? You have to be thinking about a girl. Unless the problem is you're gay. Honestly...I'd get that. It would explain a lot of the wandering into the bathroom you do perfectly timed to when I'm getting out of the show-"

"Shut up! It's not about you Dev. Not at all. It's about a sexy, cute, dirty, innocent book writer."

Silence greeted me for a long moment.

"I can't tell if I should ask for her number or be utterly confused."

"Ask for her number and you're dead."

Another long moment of silence.

"Wait...a writer...there are only a couple famous writers that live out..." The balcony window flew up and Dev clambered out. He was besides me in an instant. "You're not talking about my writer, right? The one who has a boyfriend but I will take her away from him? Yo, we're competitors. You know my plan to seduce her. You can't get in my-"

"Don't get in my way Dev. I will honestly fight you for her."

"What? Our friendship isn't more important?"A small grin formed on my lips and I turned to face him.

"You should know better than anyone how easy it is for me to throw people away. Now, get out of my way. My stupid Uncle is coming to town and I need to figure out how to keep him away from Lila, or at least cockblock the whole time."

"She has a boyfriend..."

"That won't...he's still..." I sighed and ran a frustrated hand through my hair. "I need you to help me."

"No way. I hate hanging out with you with other people. It's so awkward. You're such an asshole in front of people. I don't understand why anyone would fall for you."

"Clearly, you've never seen me nak-"

"I have. I still don't get it."



"You're saying..." I said, my eyes meeting Serin's cold one's. "That we should break up, never see each other again, never meet again and never talk to each other again. Right? That's what you said." I watched as his head dipped and he nodded. My hand clenched to a fist on my lap. "Were you waiting for this? What the hell is your problem?  I know I shouldn't have kissed him, but don't you think that 24 is old enough to act like an adult?" He opened his mouth to say something, but I lifted a hand cutting him off. I met his gaze with my own broken one and let out a breathy sigh before gathering my courage and rising. I grabbed my sweater and brushed past him to the exit.

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