Yet, he was being pulled the entire way as if Bill was so impatient or rather excited about it. When they arrived outside of the doorway, Curtis was able to free himself, pulling his sleeve out of the other man's grip before he heard the sound of music coming from inside the flat.

"Uh, Bill, do you have company or did you leave music on for your plants? You know, people hear one study about how plants like music and suddenly, everyone's doing it. I don't get-"

Not wasting any time, Bill cut him off by opening the door and guiding Curtis inside. But that didn't stop Curtis from finishing what he had wanted to say in the first place. But Bill wasn't listening to him. Instead, he had been preparing himself to call out to Astrid, warning her that he had returned and had company with him.

He didn't get a chance to though as the scene he had stumbled upon was far too adorable for him to interrupt.

Astrid was playfully waltzing around on her bed,  her arms out in front of her to hold the invisible dance partner, meaning that her face was not covered anymore. To him, it was nice to see that she wasn't hiding away and that she didn't feel the need to cover up her face to the fact that she was self-conscious about not having a mouth. There she was, seemingly enjoying herself as she believed she was alone, enjoying the music that he had left for her.

Just as he went to approach the painting to inform her that he was back, Astrid had turned and caught sight of him and Curtis, causing her eyes to widen drastically before she lost her balance and proceeded to fall off the bed. The two of them could hear the crash happen from within the painting as the chair was knocked over and Astrid disappeared from view.

"Sweet Merlin!" Bill screeched before rushing over to her. " Are you-"

He stopped himself as he came to stand before the frame, as a thought popped into his head. Were paintings capable of feeling pain?

When she didn't reappear shortly after, Bill started to grow worried, believing that she had truly hurt herself. He called out to her multiple times but she didn't show up, making Bill turn to Curtis with the question of what was he supposed to do. But Curtis was of no use at the time because he was still in awe as to what he had witnessed moments prior. Now that he had seen that there definitely was more to the painting beside the bed and chair, he was certainly interested.

"There...there was someone in there!" he exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the canvas. "I saw it! I saw her-"

"Quiet, Curtis!" Bill said in a scolding manner. "Stop yelling, you're going to end up scaring her."

"Scaring her?!" his friend placed his hands on his hips with an offended look. "Well, excuse me, Bill, but you didn't tell me that anything like this was going on. How am I supposed to react?"

"If I had told you, would you have believed me?"

It grew quiet as Curtis went to open his mouth and argue, especially as he quickly realised that Bill was probably right.  Nothing needed to be said on his behalf though as he watched Bill approach the painting, trying to look in although there was no way that he really could beyond what was presented to him.

"Astrid?" he called out in a light voice. He was beginning to think that she had managed to knock herself unconscious, then they would really be shit out of luck because he wasn't sure how he was going to help her then. "Astrid, you can come on out, no one is going to hurt you. This is my friend, Curtis, remember? The one I told you about? He's a Curse-Breaker too and he might be able to help me, help you."

Before Curtis could question what he was supposed to help Bill do, the area grew still and quiet with the exception of eyes and the top of the woman's head appearing over the edge of her bed, peering out at them.

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