Chapter Seven

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It was Bill's first intention to bring about all the Curse-Breakers that he worked with, but the more he thought about it, he realised that it probably wasn't the best idea

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It was Bill's first intention to bring about all the Curse-Breakers that he worked with, but the more he thought about it, he realised that it probably wasn't the best idea. He didn't want to overwhelm Astrid as he knew there was going to be plenty of questions that she couldn't simply answer due to her condition. So, he believed his best-starting bet was to invite over Curtis first and see what his friend had to say about the matter. Curtis would come over after work, leaving Astrid alone for the entire day after Bill had to leave. It would give her time to prepare as Bill believed, but Astrid wasn't sure what she was supposed to do in order to prepare for company.

She couldn't leave her portrait to freshen up, she was just going to spend her entire day sitting on her bed, unless she was feeling frisky and wanted to spice things up by sitting in the chair of her room.

Fortunately for her though, Bill had been nice enough to leave some music on for her before he had to leave, but she found it quite depressing the more she listened to all the songs as she didn't recognise a single one. However, after a little while, Astrid came to enjoy some of the new music that graced her ears. Rather than just sitting there and being mopey all day, she began tapping her hands against her legs and swayed to the beat of the music. She was trying to keep herself entertained, after all, it was the most interaction she had in a very long time.

She had missed music quite a bit, so she had to take advantage of it, in case, she was due to lose it all over again.

Picking herself up after a few hours of just bopping along, Astrid was up on her feet dancing around in the limited space she had. Deciding that her bed was the best place to call the dance floor, she jumped up on it and danced as if no one was watching. That was because no one was watching because she was alone in the home.

Or so she thought.

With the music's volume turned up quite a bit, Astrid didn't hear the sound of Bill's return, along with his friend, Curtis, in his company. The music drowned out the bickering as Bill had a firm hold on Curtis' sleeve, dragging him up the stairs to the front door of his place.

"Quit dragging me!" Curtis whined. "I am more than capable of walking on my own, thank you very much."

But Bill hardly heard him at the time, all too eager to show his friend the discovery of what was truly behind the painting discovered amongst the rubble. Of course, Curtis was beyond confused that Bill was dragging him to come to see the painting again as he remembered it to be nothing special, just a portrait of a bed and a chair. It seemed like it was all going to be a waste of time and not to be rude but Curtis could come up with a million different ways to better waste his time than viewing some dull painting.

However, Bill was persistent, no matter how much Curtis promised that he would go out and buy Bill a much better painting with more detail and colour, Bill insisted that there was something that he had yet to witness. But Curtis had to come see it for himself in order to believe it and finally, seeing the desperation on Bill's face and hearing it in his voice, Curtis finally gave in.

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