Important Author's Note! *UPDATED*

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Hellooo My lovely readers!:) 

Okay, so a few important things i'd like to say. I want to dedicate EVERY chapter to my editor LeahT92. :) She has been absolutely SO much helpful and i love her to death! :D So I am dedicating this little note to her indicating that all of the chapters were dedicated to her!:)))

I notice that ALOT of you are very sad that Fay has lost her memory, and she won't remember her own mate, but the memory loss is probably a good thing, since too much stress could have been bad on the babies. Anyways, her memory loss isn't permenent.. (I don't know how to spell that lol) and she will get her memory back. Just give it time. 

I just want to thank each and every one of you for reading and sticking with this story. It makes me smile when you stand up for me and tell me you like my story. It makes me feel good and makes me want to keep writing. :) 

Book 2: The Seekers will be coming out soon! I have the prologue finished, but Leah needs to edit it first and then i have to gather somethings up before i can publish it.. possibly this weekend.. :) I hope everyone that read this story will continue reading with The Seekers (Which begins from where i left off.. kind of..(:) 

I hope everyone has enjoyed and thanks once again for reading!:)) 

P.S. I might change or add or delete things from this author's note, so check back every now and then. :)


*UPDATED*February 6, 2012

Hey guys. So, I have 2 chapters of The Seeker out. I would really like it if you all continue following Fay's story. I know alot of you are still mad at me, but hopefully, you'll forgive me?:) <3

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