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Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Jade's POV:

I managed to find my feet as I slowly stood up. John had helped me and told me I had to stay quiet. As we walked through the door her angelic voice filled my ears. Tears brimmed my eyes. She was singing one of our new songs, These Four Walls. I wanted to run to her. To pick her up in my arms and run away with her.

"These four walls and me" she finished the song. Finishing the last note that made my knees go weak and my stomach churn.

"Shut up" Sams voice snapped me back into reality. The next sound that came made me want to run in there and rip him to shreds. The slap caused Perrie to scream. I started to run to her but two hands grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I started crying.

"We are going to go in. As soon as Sam is in hand cuffs you can go see Perrie ok?" the police officer said and I nodded. I noticed a tiny gap in the wall and I peered through there. All I could see was Sam.

"Police get on the ground" they said walking in. When they came next to Sam I noticed they were holding guns to him. The look on his face was as if to say 'oh not again'. This made me cringe. All of those things that he has done and I didn't know. Sam reluctantly laid on the ground while John started saying the Miranda rights to him. As soon as the handcuffs were on I ran. Then I saw her. My girlfriend lying on the floor unable to move.

"PERRIE!" I screamed as my feet ran as fast as I could to her. She tried to lift her head up but couldn't manage. All that came out of her mouth was a strange sound. As I reached her I finally got a look at what she looked like. Her perfect face was covered with big blue bruises. I stroked her cheek with my fingers lightly. I didn't want to hurt her.

"Perrie" I said as a whisper. Her eyes slowly opened as her gaze met mine. The tears filled my eyes as they slowly trickled down my face. Perrie brought her hand up to my face slowly.

"I love you" she said as a whisper.

"I love you too baby. I told you I would find you. Now you're safe with me. Alright no one will ever take you away from me again" I said. She started to cry as tears fell down her bruised face.

"Where else has he hurt you" I asked. She rolled over onto her back as a gasp of air escaped her mouth. She lifted up her shirt to reveal even more big blue bruises. I gasped at seeing it. How could someone do that to such a beautiful girl. My fingers slowly traced the outline of the bruises. I started to kiss every part of her bruises. The ones along her stomach and the ones that covered her face. Her fragile fingers lifting my chin to meet her gaze.

"Kiss me" she said quietly. My lips turned up at the side as I brought my lips onto hers carefully.

"C'mon baby. Lets get you into the ambulance" I said.

"John" I yelled out. The police officer came into my sight.

"Yes Miss Thirlwall" he said.

"Can we please get her to the hospital" I asked taking Perries hand in mine. He nodded and walked back out of the room.

"Close your eyes. I promise not to leave you. You're safe with me. Get some rest buba" I said to Perrie. The stretcher then came in as they lifted my girlfriend onto it. While we walked back out to the car we stopped to talk to the police officers.

"Thank you for everything" I said.

"No problem Miss Thirlwall. It's our job" John said. I smiled and climbed into the ambulance as Perrie was being lifted in. Her hand was in mine the whole time. I didn't want to let it go. I was scared if I did she would slip away from me. Just like last time and I didn't want that to happen again. I would keep her safe forever. I will never let anything like that happen to her again.

"Shhhh baby sleep" I said while stroking Perries cheek. She shook her head like a little baby. It made me giggle and her smile.

"Alright then. You can sleep at the hospital" I said to Perrie. She nodded and I brought her hand up to my lips and kissed is softly.

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