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“Haruna, are you sure about this?” Mami looked up as she said her words, her eyes peering over at the girl who stood directly across from her. Haruna was leaned against the brick wall behind her, one leg reached up and pressed tightly back against the wall. Her arms laid crossed over her chest while her head stayed bowed, her eyes remaining trained on the ground. She never made any movements to look up at Mami.

“I’m sure.”

Despite her words, Mami didn’t think Haruna sounded so sure about whatever it was that she had planned. She couldn’t call Haruna out on it though; Mami knew very well that the girl’s stubborn attitude would never let her admit something like that. It would just cause more problems.

When the girls were headed to their hiding spot, Mami considered backing out again. It would be her last chance to after all. Once this started, she knew she wouldn’t be able to just back out of it. But when she considered doing that, she also remembered everything that she had promised to Haruna and everything she had been through with Haruna. No matter how much of a bad feeling she got, it didn’t change the friendship she had with Haruna. She was going to see this through to the end no matter what, just like she always did.

“Do you know what to do, Mami?” The blonde let the soft sigh pass her lips as she nodded her head, her eyes darting back to the ground. She shoved her hands into her jean pockets, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. This wasn’t like Mami. Whenever they did things like this, Mami usually never minded it. But this time… Haruna was acting so odd. It made the blonde uncomfortable; it gave her a really bad feeling. She couldn’t make the bad feeling Haruna’s odd behavior was giving her go away.

“I know what to do,” Mami responded finally. Haruna had made the beginning of the plan perfectly crystal clear to Mami before they had even begun their trek over here. Mami was supposed to get Hana to Haruna no matter what, and the blonde already had a good idea on how to do that. She could just do it the same way she’d done things so many times in the past.

The girls let the silence overtake them again, neither one knowing what else to say to continue a conversation like that. Every so often, Mami would peek around the corner, looking for the familiar teenager they were waiting for. Haruna had done her research and knew that this was an area where Hana often passed on her way. It was the only place they’d be able to accomplish this. It would only give them a few seconds window but for someone like Mami, a few seconds was all she needed.

“She’s coming,” Mami said after a few minutes, her eyes staying trained on the black haired teenager she saw coming towards them. She had her head down, her hands messing with her phone and Mami could see the headphones connected to it. Hana really was going to make this too easy for her.

“Good, you know where to bring her. I’ll be waiting.”

Mami couldn’t find it in her to respond as she watched Haruna turn, making her way further back into the alley. Both of the girls knew better than to do this so close to the street, the last thing they wanted was for someone to see and intervene. It would be more of a challenge to get Hana back to where Haruna was waiting but nothing was impossible for Mami.

Mami pressed herself against the building she stood by, one hand pressed tightly against the cold wall while the other one clenched tightly at her side. Her eyes stayed on the senior girl the entire time, her mind counting the seconds as she watched each step her target took.

When the teenager got to the perfect spot, Mami reached out quickly, grabbing Hana’s arm and swinging her around. She could hear the girl let out a pained cry as her back slammed into the wall. Mami quickly moved in front of Hana, punching the senior girl in the jaw, leaving her in a temporarily dazed state.

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