My Hero Part 3

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15th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

It was like any other day when I was with Jack and we were off away from our fathers fishing in the river after we had been playing in our fort that we had made in the woods up in one of the old trees that lined the river downstream a few miles away.

Distance didn't bother us much. We knew where we were and how to get home.That was all that was important to us at the moment.

Roaming free and catching fish. Life couldn't get much better for us both I was thinking and I told that to Jack just this morning too. Right before we sneaked off.

Jack was getting taller than me now. But only by a little bit. Not much. But his arms were getting thicker too and he was able to do a bit more than me now since his muscles were forming just good on him.

He is beginning to look like his father and I thought that he would eventually be as big as him too.

We were thirteen when things changed a little for us. Or for me in particular.

Dad has been ignoring me for most of the time and it was only recently that he has been bringing home the same lady all the time. I didn't like her.

She smiled with her teeth.

It reminded me of that dog we saw in a movie. I can't remember the name of it. But when the dog smiled, it was all teeth. It scared the hell out of me and when dad's lady love smiled, she reminded me of that dog.

Of course she stopped smiling when I told her that.

Dad didn't like it either and smacked me and grabbed me by the back of my shirt and dragged me up the stairs with me wailing out loud like I was with him just yelling at me about being an ungrateful brat.

He did this all the way up the stairs and down the hallway and when we got to my bedroom door, he opened it and pushed me inside really hard and I fell on to the floor hurting my knee and wrist as I landed in an awkward way.

I screamed when i landed, not that dad cared. He just screamed at me to stay there and not come out. Then he slammed the door ignoring my cries to him for help.

It hurt really bad too and I couldn't move, so I stayed there on the floor crying and moaning until all I was feeling was just dull but hard throbs from both the knee that looked really funny and my wrist which I held close to my chest.

I don't know how long I stayed on the floor laying there, but the light was getting darker and darker coming in through the window. It was nearly dark when I heard scratching coming from the window and I was so tired, but I turned my head very slowly to see Jack's face looking back at me with a worried frown.

I just curled back up the way I was and closed my eyes so I didn't notice when the window was shoved up and Jack scrambled in through the window and rushing over to me.

"Sarah. What's wrong? Get up. Sarah, get up." He was calling out to me shaking my shoulder wanting me to wake up and get up.

"Can't" I whispered to him.

"Hurts." I added just as lowly not opening my eyes to see the very concerned look that he was giving me as I kept my arm close to me and my legs curled up to my chest.

I didn't hear him as he got up and raced to the door calling out to Mrs Beemer as he ran down the hallway, his voice getting fainter and fainter.

I don't know how long it was before he came running back up the stairs to me again.

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