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Fallen Innocence:The Dark Shade's Letter

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Fallen Innocence: The Dark Shade's Letter 

( Alternate titles Tales From The Secret Society Of The Helping Hand, or Tales Of A Dark Shade)  

By I.H. Reiss


Author's Note

Every club or secret society has their charter and laws, and by laws and initiations ceremonies; and most, if not all, have their charity events, that they do at least once a year.  I began thinking every group must have its charitable arm, and that's how this story was born, and with it the fictional Secret Society of The Helping Hand. Please don't forget to vote (or coment) or I will have no way of knowing if my writing is any good. There is one other thing I will add, normally I have my writing edited because I am dyslexic, this time however there was not enough time, so I ask readers patients and understanding for spelling errors, grammatical and punctuation, but if there  is something glareing and you tell me where, and what, I will endevor to try and fix it. It is my hope that if I have mistakes they are not obvious ones. I thank you in advance for your indulgence. I have since had this edited, but again, I have no way of knowing if the person who did the editing was any good...again any constructive comments are greatly appreciated.


                                                                             Chapter 1

From the personal journal of a Dark Shade, on the eve of initiation, and the detail account of the initiation into, the Secret Society Of The Helping Hand.

I got a call, it was a strange call, but that day had been strange. That day had begun like any other day I got up, washed my hands according to morning ritual, and got dressed, having had a shower at two am. my usual time when sleep wont come. I also drank a green drink that helped keep me balance its called jade green and while I am none to fond of the taste (I wish it tasted like chocolate or at least like tea and honey but like all green "health drinks" that have as one of their main ingredients grass it taste like what it is, healthy, and while the adult in me would want to qualify that, the kid in me still calls it like it is, healthy OK,so I don't know any kids that would drink it but...) it helps me keep going on a day like today when I haven't time for breakfast or know my breakfast isn't going to be good for me. I take three pills (they're homeopathic) and between the two keep my diabetes under control, diet helps too, but if I had known how hectic that day was going to be... I might have skipped the pills.

The first thing that happened was a call from my agent telling me my book was an over night sensation. My inner response was, Okay this is a dream a book of short stories does not a J.K. make.

My actual response was, "It's too early in the morning for jokes, what's the real reason you called, let me guess the critics panned it."

"No I am serious and you need to be in New York by seven thirty today we have to get you suitably dressed etc, as your agent I can't have you going in looking like Susanne Boils before she became a star...for your interview on the morning show, then it's meeting at the publishers and literary luncheon...and before you hang up and think this all a dream the buzz on the book is that little novella you ended the book with; the question they all want to know, when are you going to write a regular book about your Virgin Spy." 

"I thought that the publishers hated that story because they where certain that parents wouldn't like the word virgin because they said it held sexual connotations when clearly it was a description about being new and untried, like virgin olive oil or like the Virgin label. Now they like the idea! It makes no sense this must be a dream..."

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